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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 438.2

Chapter 438: Can I Trouble You to Bring Over Zheng Baorui (Part Two)

“Of course it wouldn’t, Young Master Xu. I will arrange it right now,” Li Hui was shocked and he immediately replied.

Xu Cheng said alright and directly hung up.

Li Hui called his dad right away.

“Hello? Hui? What’s wrong?”

“Dad, I just received a call from Xu Cheng, that young man that I went to kneel and apologize to last time, the one that’s related to the Ye Family. He just…”

Then, Li Hui told Li Menglong about the call.

“Xu Cheng?” Li Menglong seemed to remember this name from somewhere.

“Dad, what kind of person is Xu Cheng really? Do you know? If it’s not important, then I won’t help him this time because I’m a bit busy right now. But I’m scared that I may offend someone I can’t afford to again, so I just agreed first,” Li Hui said.

“Wait, Xu Cheng? In Shangcheng? Then that’s Xu Cheng, the youngster that was acknowledged by all five elders of Huaxia as their grandson! He’s Elder Ye’s favorite right now, and Ye Xiu – Young Master Ye also refers to him as Big Brother Xu! He’s probably one of the most capable and influential men in the younger generation. Go and take care of whatever Young Master Xu asked for right away. Remember, do it to the best of your abilities! Later on, try to use this as a liaison to get to know him and treat him to dinner. Whether or not your dad can advance further in his career will all depend on this.”

Li Hui’s pupils immediately contracted. “Dad, I got it.”

Then, he flipped through his contacts of all the chief executives of major groups within the Shangcheng Chamber of Commerce and found Zheng Baorui’s number.

Zheng Baorui was entertaining a few friends from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. When he received the call from the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, he was quite shocked. “Hello? President Li? Aiya, I’m truly flattered to receive your call.”

“President Zheng, I will be direct with you. Right now, I will be revoking your membership at the Chamber of Commerce. Also, the real estate project undertaken by your company will also be given to someone else due to you being removed from the Chamber of Commerce. I’m not joking with you, you offended someone, and I’m just responsible for delivering you the message. The person you offended is someone that I wouldn’t even dare to offend, and right now, that person has personally instructed me to bring you over to see him. Are you going?”

Zheng Baorui was directly dumbfounded. “I offended someone?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“They directly named you. Where are you? I will come to find you and bring you over to see him right now. Let me tell you, if he wants to toy with you, then you, Zheng Baorui, probably won’t be able to do business anymore in Huaxia. I’m not kidding, not even my dad dares to provoke him!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Going!” Zheng Baorui anxiously replied right away, “President Li, where are you? I will come and find you right now.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ontario is officially closing down all non-essential services, which doesn’t include grocery stores, pharmacies, and apparently LCBO (our alcohol supplier XD). Anyways, stay safe everybody 😀

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  1. Kishenkp

    Same here in Tamil nadu, India. Only our alcohol shops are closed as well. Only two states, kerala and Punjab are opening their alcohol shops.
    Closed my structural design office as well.
    Bored at home. Started playing new games?‍♂️

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohh lool well in Canada, alcohol and weed shops are deemed to be “essential” so they all remain open lool. and yeah, great time to get back into games haha

  2. Alcohol can be used as a sanitizer if high enough proof. (at least 100) The lower proofs just make all of this crap a little more bearable unless you are a mean drunk.

  3. If the proof is above 100, you can use it as a sanitizer. Any lower just makes all of this mess a bit more fun unless you are a mean drunk.

  4. Bajo

    I come from onw of the heavy drinking parts of germany and our breweries do home delivery now, a shining light in the dark times.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohhh sht, yeah here at least the alcohol stores are deemed to be essential businesses so they remain open. But sucks we can’t do home delivery for alcohol so we can only go to nearest post office to show our ID to pick up the drinks

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