Chapter 439: Taken Care of (Part One)

Miss Zheng watched as Xu Cheng nonchalantly told Li Hui on the phone to bring Zheng Baorui over and then hung up.

She didn’t believe Xu Cheng could have this much power!

“You are just bluffing, right? That call probably didn’t even go through. Everyone can play pretend, who would believe that you could actually get to talk to Uncle Li? And with that attitude! At least in Shangcheng, I’ve never seen anyone young like you talking to him like this. Lin Dong, my dad is already pulling strings to screw over your family. Let me tell you, that slap just now, I won’t forgive you at all! There’s nothing you can do that can change my mind now!”

Then, Miss Zheng prepared to leave, but who knew that Zhang Tianyou would give one of his men a look, and that guy would directly pull Miss Zheng back, not letting her leave?

“What are you doing?” Miss Zheng was furious.

“How could you just leave like this?” Zhang Tianyou snorted, “This whole thing started because you offended Big Brother Cheng, and if this thing doesn’t get sorted out today, no one can leave.”

The other young masters all nodded. They also needed to soften their relationship with Xu Cheng, and if they were to end the night on this note, who knew what Xu Cheng might do to them in the future?

Some things could not ferment overnight, or else there would be no room for recovery.

“Big Brother Tianyou, are you going to be on Lin Dong’s side now?” Miss Zheng looked at Zhang Tianyou and demanded. 

“With Big Brother Cheng here, I’m not going to talk like I’m the boss. Today, if we can’t completely sort this out, you can’t leave,” Zhang Tianyou said.

Miss Zheng sneered, “Are you actually going to wait for my dad to come or something? You believe he is able to actually talk to Uncle Li and get him to call my Dad over? I’ve seen crazy people, but I haven’t seen someone this crazy.”

On the road, Zheng Baorui saw how fast Li Hui was driving and said, a bit scared, “President Li, maybe slow down.”

“If we go any slower, he will think that I’m not able to finish my task effectively,” Li Hui scolded, “Are you blind or something? How could you offend someone like that?”

“Like what? Who made you – President Li so scared?” Zheng Baorui asked softly, afraid of hearing the answer too.

Li Hui snorted, “It’s useless talking to you anyways. Anyway, let me tell you, in a bit, if you don’t apologize sincerely, even if he doesn’t teach you a lesson, I will be the first one to do so, at all costs! You got it, President Zheng? I would rather lose half of my company’s financial resources to snipe your company! This is a warning, not a joke!”

President Zheng nodded in all seriousness. Actually, he didn’t need Li Hui’s company to snipe him. In fact, he wasn’t too scared of Li Hui, but actually, his dad, that Mayor of Yanjing! That man was simply too capable. Back then, he was promoted from his position in Shangcheng, and more than half of the government officials that still worked here were his subordinates in the past. This was also why Li Hui was able to cement himself in this city as the richest man. 

If Li Hui was actually determined to screw him over, then screwing over him would be as easy as killing an ant.

But who really is that guy, someone that could make Li Hui this determined?

It must be someone from Yanjing! 

When Xu Cheng was still waiting over there with the other guys, Li Hui arrived in his Maybach, the scene making everyone dumbfounded!
Most people knew President Li’s license plate, because there were only a few license plates with such a memorable number.

When the Maybach drove into the gates, Lin Hu, Lin Dong, Miss Zheng, and Zhang Tianyou and the others were all in a daze. 

They all looked at Xu Cheng. How did he actually summon Li Hui, just like that?

President Li was a busy man whose minutes were worth millions, yet he was summoned, just like that, by a phone call?

Miss Zheng began to panic a bit. When she saw her father Zheng Baorui following out from the Maybach, her legs almost gave in.

“Uncle Li!” Those young masters all greeted in surprise.

Li Hui nodded, and he came directly to Xu Cheng, smiled, and said, “Young Master Xu, long time no see! I brought the person over now, let me know if you need my assistance with anything else.”

Zheng Baorui saw his daughter at the scene too, and his face immediately changed, “Baby, why are you here too?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Dad, they won’t let me leave, and they beat me too!” Miss Zheng immediately cried to her dad.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

If it was normal times, Zheng Baorui would’ve tried to please her daughter and then bring her justice for sure. But now, he stood there awkwardly and didn’t know what to do.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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