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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Fighting Violence with Violence

“I’m not playing with fire, I’m putting one out.” After Xu Cheng spoke, a faint sonic wave radiated out of his ears that not even he was aware of until now. He didn’t know this wave in the air was actually low-frequency ultrasound.

Immediately, Brother Tiger said in a deep voice to his men, “Disable him, leave him alive, and hand him over to Master Qin. We don’t have to worry about anything after that.”

He didn’t care what Master Qin would do to this guy, but he wasn’t someone capable of facing the consequences of killing a police officer, so he could only serve as the claw and capture Xu Cheng alive for Master Qin.

After speaking, the thirty or so thugs shouted and began swarming in.

Xu Cheng just calmly stood in the same place.

The researchers at the biology lab had said that bats were able to constantly emit ultrasonic waves during its flight that were inaudible to the human ear. When this ultrasonic signal hits any obstacle, it will reflect back to the bat’s brain, allowing it to analyze the echo. After it analyzed the echo’s wave frequency, amplitude, and signal interval, the bat will be able to quickly figure out what action to take next.

When those thirty or so people rushed up and didn’t arrive yet, their actions and movements had already been received by Xu Cheng’s brain to allow him to make the quickest judgement and plan his course of action.

From the feedback of the returning sonic wave, Xu Cheng could even determine the nature and position of the object based on the amplitude, frequency, pitch, and sound interval.

Xu Cheng also didn’t know how his brain could remain so calm in the face of danger and be able to analyze everything that was going on in this space. At this moment, Xu Cheng noticed that his eyes could capture the movement of anyone in any corner. It could be said that he basically had a God’s view over this entire warehouse.

When a baseball bat was swung over, Xu Cheng’s body made an instinctive dodge based on the feedback of the ultrasound. Then, the next two consecutive crowbars swings at him were also easily avoided.

Xu Cheng finally understood what was going on with him subconsciously dodging any attack earlier; it turned out that his body was instinctively reacting to the feedback of the sonic waves. His brain basically captured all the movements made by everyone in the surrounding area and controlled his body instinctively to react to the feedback.

Xu Cheng didn’t know that what he was hearing was actually the principle of echolocation used by bats.

It was unexpected for everyone that Xu Cheng easily dodged the first wave of attacks, and after Xu Cheng understood and learned to consciously control the feedback given by the ultrasound, his movements became even calmer.

This time, it was his turn to attack, and his sensory system amplified everyone’s movements so that he could act accordingly based on the feedback.

By the time the closest two people raised their baseball bats, Xu Cheng was already in front of them. He grabbed onto their wrists and forcefully pulled them towards him, and the powerful force of his arms immediately sent those two flying. Those two people just felt like they were pulled away by a giant truck, and they landed face first, chipping their two front teeth.

Xu Cheng then lowered his body and swept the floor with a kick, and the nine people that were surrounding him and charging at him all felt like their ankles were brutally broken by a steel pipe. They all fell to the ground and cried miserably.

The steel pipes, knives, and bats they were holding all dropped onto the ground.

Xu Cheng didn’t pick up a knife but a steel pipe. Then, swapping back and forth between his two hands like a nunchaku, he beat the people on their stomachs, chests, leg joints, and other places that immediately deprived them of their ability to continue fighting.

The sound of the steel pipe smacking everyone was quite joyful to the ears.

Xu Cheng didn’t even blink as he casually piped everyone, as if these 30 or so people were all trash that couldn’t give him any pressure.

This Brother Tiger guy that was spectating just saw his men getting dropped one by one, his eyelids were thumping furiously in fear. After about 2 minutes, the entire warehouse was filled with miserable cries and whines. He saw at least 20 or so of his men disabled and on the ground; some had their legs or arms broken, some had a broken face, and there was blood everywhere.

Xu Cheng saw the remaining 8 people just standing there in fear and trembling, and they seemed to not be sure whether they should continue to fight or just surrender. They all just stood there, sweating buckets, terrified.

Xu Cheng let out a breath as his hands held onto to steel pipes. “If you guys follow the law, then I will follow it too. If you don’t, then I can only fight violence with violence. Do you guys want to put people’s lives on the line? Go ahead, I’m fine with that. I will play with you guys, no rules, no law, just fists. Let’s continue.”

“Let’s go!” Xu Cheng roared again.

Those 8 people plus Brother Tiger unconsciously took a few steps back in fear, they weren’t even daring to breathe loudly anymore, fearing that Xu Cheng would actually charge up to them and beat them up.

Brother Tiger was scared, this time he was truly scared. They were not Xu Cheng’s opponent at all…

Xu Cheng suddenly made a step forward, and the 9 people on the opposite side took two steps back.

Brother Tiger’s eyelids were basically shivering, they were already backed into a corner. Just then, a guy behind Xu Cheng that was pretending to be downed quietly climbed up and was planning to sneak up from behind. He picked up a knife and charged towards Xu Cheng’s back. However, Xu Cheng’s 365 degrees no-blind-spot ultrasound feedback already captured him as if there was a pair of eyes on the back of Xu Cheng’s head. He did even bother looking back and directly threw one of the steel pipes, hitting that guy right on the head and knocking him unconscious.

Brother Tiger saw the last glimpse of hope disappearing, and he kept on shivering as he said, “You are a police officer!”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes. “And you guys are from the black society. I’m just paying my respect by using the means you guys are familiar with.”

Brother Tiger threw away the steel pipe and raised both of his hands up. “I’m not resisting.”

Xu Cheng sneered, “Too late.”

Then, he grabbed the collar of Brother Tiger and raised him high up in the air. Xu Cheng was 1.9 m, Brother Tiger was 1.7 m, and Xu Cheng raised him at least 30 centimeters off the ground.

The other 8 obviously didn’t dare to do anything at that time. All 20 or so people failed when they tried to attack at the same time, what use would the 8 of them do? They immediately ran to a corner, put their hands up on the back of their heads and squatted.

Xu Cheng looked at the pale-faced Brother Tiger and said, “Who’s going to pay for my car’s repair fee?”

Brother Tiger didn’t hesitate for one second. “Me! Me!”

Xu Cheng nodded and then asked again, “Oh right, does your gang have punishments for making mistakes?”

Brother Tiger’s face changed.

“I’m too lazy to follow your gang’s rules, so I will just give you a light punishment.” Then, Xu   threw a fist at Brother Tiger’s face, and the other eight men in the corner clearly saw Brother Tiger’s head twisting to the side due to inertia, with at least 5 or 6 teeth flying out of his mouth!

Then, his body flew out like a kite with its string cut, traveling about 3 meters through the air and slamming into the ground. After struggling to get up for a bit, he fainted.

Xu Cheng’s eyes swept past the other 8 people that were still fine in the warehouse, and those 8 people immediately hugged their heads and lowered it even more, not daring to look at Xu Cheng even one more time. They would never forget about this day and the terror of being dominated by this man.

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