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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 444.2

Chapter 444: It’s Odd if You Didn’t Get Beaten Up (Part Two)

Ye Xiu’s eyes enlarged right away. “Sis-in-Law, that’s a bit too much though…”

Lin Chuxue: “Don’t worry, he won’t beat you up from now on. He doesn’t have many family members to begin with, everyone counts. Since you called me Sis-in-Law already, then just come over to our place whenever you want. I’m the boss here.”

“Sis-in-Law!” Ye Xiu movingly said, “Ever since you live-streamed that fight to us that day, I knew only you were qualified to be my sis-in-law!”

Lin Chuxue smiled and said to Lin Dong, “Dong, go and set up a room for him.”

Lin Dong nodded and then brought Ye Xiu upstairs.

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled on the sofa.

Right after Ye Xiu entered the room, he immediately called his grandpa and cried, “Grandpa, you threw me under the bus!”

Grandpa Ye: “How is it? Did he tell you what he’s doing going to the States?”

Ye Xiu’s eyes stared wide open. “Shouldn’t you tell me first why I got beaten up by Big Brother Cheng? Shouldn’t you be concerned about my well-being?” 

Old Man Ye: “Are your arms and legs broken?”

Ye Xiu paused for a moment. “Uh, no.”

Old Man Ye: “Then so what? It’s already good enough that he didn’t beat you half-dead. It would only be odd if he didn’t beat you up.”

Ye Xiu was speechless. “So you mean, it’s normal that I got beat up? You already knew that I would get beaten up this trip?”

Old Man Ye bitterly smiled. “Kid, this time, I had no choice but to send you over. Among Xu Cheng’s peers in Yanjing, only you have the best relationship with him, and you are also his cousin. No matter how mad he is at you, he wouldn’t hurt you too much.”
“Still not too much? I was almost beaten to death…” Ye Xiu said, “Grandpa, tell me the truth, why did Big Brother Cheng beat me up?”

Old Man Ye sighed. “He indeed already sacrificed a lot for the country. You heard about what happened to his wife earlier, right? It still wasn’t much that he got fired, but this time, feeling that we are monitoring him and not trusting him, he was very angered. But, we also couldn’t just let him leave the country without even knowing what he’s up to, so I could only get you to go and try to get that out of his mouth. If I were to send someone else, they would probably not be able to return with that temper of his. You don’t know this, but he even turned against his comrades briefly because of what happened to his wife. Sigh, you won’t understand his mood. If it was you who had to sacrifice your mother because of the country and then your wife got injured because of the country’s incompetence, and in the end, you didn’t get anything but was still being monitored and not trusted, how would you feel?” 

Ye Xiu bitterly smiled. “I would probably go to extremes.”

Old Man Ye: “That’s why I sent you to talk to him. If it was anyone else, they would really have died!”

Ye Xiu wanted to cry. “But I’m not ending up anywhere better, Grandpa…”

“Just be considerate of Xu Cheng. From the nation’s point of view, he broke the rules and it’s only just for him to be punished. But from the human feelings and relationship’s point of view, it’s only normal that he vents his anger. Just treat this as an opportunity for you to sharpen yourself.”

“Grandpa, it’s my first time hearing that being a sandbag can sharpen someone. I read more books than you, don’t fool me on this one.” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Can I swear right now?”

Old Man Ye: “You are going to swear at me?”

Ye Xiu: “I wouldn’t dare.”

Old Man Ye: “If you are a true man and you feel that you are wronged, it’s okay to swear.”

Ye Xiu took in a deep breath. “Faack!”

Old Man Ye sighed, “Looks like your dad didn’t teach you good manners, I will go and have a talk with him.”

Ye Xiu felt like crying. “If you go scold Dad now, wouldn’t he also beat me up when I get back?”

After hanging up,  Ye Xiu saw Lin Dong standing at the door. He lifted his brows and asked, “Brat, what are you looking at?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Dong already didn’t like this ‘teacher’s little brother’. “So what if I look at you?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ye Xiu immediately jumped him. “I can’t beat up your teacher, but at least I can teach you a lesson! I will show you why you should call me ‘teacher’ too!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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  1. Bein

    Venting anger to the poor guy..

  2. So I’m officially in lock down for the next two weeks so if anyone wants to play some D&D or Pathfinder hit me up.

  3. Palerider 69

    Been stuck at home since March 16 holycow. Im just going to read away my whole summer stuck at home what a drag. Hows it going over there btw noods

    • noodletowntranslated

      loool our life barely changed cuz we stay at home anyways, except for Black Bean Sauce, he used to work at a lab but now it got shut down too.

      I would say pretty fun lol, enjoying the shut down, like a post-apocalyptic novel, except we get to translate novels and play warzones

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    Was hoping to see the old man’s reaction to that blank card thing.

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