Chapter 446: The Hardest is Not to Rule, But to Change (Part Two)

Of course he had those thoughts. As an ordinary man in his early adulthood, he wished for nothing more than to sleep with Lin Chuxue in the same bed all day all night and not having to get out. But, he was afraid that he might not be able to control himself and then end up hurting her, so he had no choice but to keep a safe distance and not touch her.

Sigh, such a feeling… Being able to have the peerless beauty of the world by his side yet he couldn’t touch her, who could understand Xu Cheng’s feelings right now?

Auntie Lan had also been asking Xu Cheng recently about why he wasn’t sleeping together with Lin Chuxue, since after all, they were married.

He could only use the excuse “Chuxue Isn’t ready yet” to answer Auntie Lan.

On Lin Chuxue’s end, she was indeed a bit scared of this kind of stuff too and she had been avoiding it a bit. But, if Xu Cheng kept on putting this off, it would be the woman that would wonder if the guy had ED or something… Could he be thinking of letting the woman take charge? That was also way too unmanly of him.

With Lin Chuxue’s temperament, she definitely wouldn’t be the one taking the initiative.

“I must hurry up and figure out my own problem, or at least make sure I can do the exercise with my wife. Otherwise, I won’t even be able to pass Chuxue’s obstacle before I try to take on the world,” Xu Cheng mumbled to himself in the mirror.

In the guest room, Ye Xiu reported to his grandpa what Xu Cheng told him earlier in the day. Of course, he only said what he should say, which was what Xu Cheng told him to say, such as being the blank card of the deck. He didn’t say anything more because he still wanted to be on Xu Cheng’s side, instead of being an outstanding tool.

On Old Man Ye’s side, the other four grandpas were there as well. One of them was listening to opera with his eyes closed, one was playing with his pet bird, one was practicing Tai Chi. Grandpa Ye’s body wasn’t in good shape, so he just watched as he hung up the call. “That brat said his goal is to become a blank card. Do you guys know what he means?”

“A blank card?” Grandpa Xin looked over. “Could it be related to Dragon Division? Isn’t Dragon Division’s ranking system a deck of cards?”

Grandpa Zhou shook his head. “Probably not. Didn’t you hear? He wants to be a blank card. This brat is as annoying as that old man Zhang Chenfeng, he knows how to play word games too now. Big Brother Ye, he’s mocking you for being uneducated since he knew you wouldn’t be able to guess it.”

Grandpa Ye glared at him. “You talk as if you are educated or something. Weren’t you a bandit before joining the army? Stop bullsh-ting, let’s talk about what this brat actually means. What’s the purpose of this trip? You four’s brains are still working well. If I was five years younger, I wouldn’t be needing your brains to think, alright?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Such a simple question, why are you guys still troubled?” Grandpa Guo turned off the opera channel and said, “The card represents a system, and it obviously has its rules and ways to play. But, a blank card is basically something that’s in, yet above, the system. The brat’s intention is clear, he will make the rules! He will decide whichever number he wants to write on his card, got it?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Hey!” Grandpa Nie grinned. “This kid sure is arrogant, even more so than Big Brother Zhang Chenfeng! Back at his pinnacle period, Big Brother Zhang also had this kind of domineering aura. But, how could he single-handedly change the rules just by himself? In fact, it’s not hard to conquer the world and make the rules, but what’s hard is the rules that had been passed down for hundreds of years suddenly changed and you have to change the deep-rooted mentality in people’s hearts. To be blunt, this would only result in one thing, and that’s his death!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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