Chapter 448: If He Dares to Have That Intention, I Will Admit Defeat (Part Two)

He obviously knew his wife the best. Don’t be fooled by her elegant and charming smile, she might not look like she was taking something seriously, but when she began discussing something like this seriously with you, it means she’s beginning to care. And that was a dangerous signal!

Right now, Xu Cheng just wanted to strap Ye Xiu to a rocket and send him off.

Indeed, Lin Chuxue immediately looked over at Xu Cheng with a big smile.

Xu Cheng also looked back at her with a big harmless smile, showing his big white teeth.

Lin Chuxue narrowed her eyes and smiled as she asked Xu Cheng gently, “Is it that I gave you too much freedom? You told me that you are busy with work every day, but you are with them talking about this kind of stuff?”

Xu Cheng immediately said righteously, “I’m not the same as them!”

Lin Chuxue still kept her smile. “He even said you guys are bros? What are bros? Didn’t he just say bros should drink and sleep around together?”

Xu Cheng: “I never said I’m his bro though.”

Lin Chuxue: “He’s not your bro?”

Xu Cheng: “No.”

Lin Chuxue: “Then yesterday, who said you two were from the same family, and shared the same blood?”

Xu Cheng: “I…”

Ye Xiu swallowed his saliva. “Sis-in-Law, we… are just cousins.”

“I’m just joking, why are you getting so nervous again?” Lin Chuxue chuckled. “Let’s eat.”

The sudden smile might look as relaxed as the spring breeze, but Xu Cheng didn’t feel like she was joking at all.

Ye Xiu also learned his lesson and he once again confirmed his belief that no woman in the world had a heart big enough that would just let her man go around and flirt with other women.

“Ye Xiu, we didn’t even welcome you warmly yet after you came. Here, have another bowl.” Lin Chuxue smiled as she took Ye Xiu’s bowl and added more rice.

Ye Xiu bitterly smiled. “Sis-in-Law, this is my fourth bowl already… I think I’m good now…”

Sometimes, one would rather offend a despicable villain than a woman.

Ye Xiu engraved this lesson into his bones. Despicable villains stab you from the back; you can’t see it, and you just take it and realize it afterward and then move on. As for women, they stab you right in the face, and you know she’s coming to stab you, yet you can only put on a smile and get stabbed. 

Lin Chuxue also gave two more bowls of rice to Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng interjected, “Honey, since when can I eat six bowls of rice?”

Lin Chuxue turned to look at him and said, “Huh? I’ve watched you grow up, you think I wouldn’t know how much you eat? Could you be a fake Xu Cheng?”

Xu Cheng bitterly took those bowls and began digging in. “You are right, I’m still hungry.”

“Everyone, eat slowly and enjoy the meal.” Lin Chuxue smiled at Luo Yi, Li Wei, Lin Dong, and Auntie Lan as well, who were all trying to hold in their laughter.

Then, Lin Chuxue got up and gracefully walked upstairs. 

Xu Cheng glared at Ye Xiu. “It wouldn’t work if you try to get intel from my wife, it would only add oil to the fire, do you know?”

Ye Xiu also smiled bitterly. “If I facking knew it earlier, I wouldn’t dare to say a  thing.”
Xu Cheng snorted, and at that moment, at the stairs, Lin Chuxue suddenly turned around and casually said, “Oh right.”

Xu Cheng and Ye Xiu heard the voice and immediately began shoving rice into their mouth.

Lin Chuxue flirtatiously said, “Mr. Xu, look, you already paid me 3.8 billion euros, when are you thinking about sleeping with me for the first time?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Pooof!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng coughed out all of the rice in his mouth.

Ye Xiu, Luo Yi, Lin Dong, and Li Wei’s eyes all stared wide open. “3.8 billion euros?!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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