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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 449.1

Chapter 449: The First Step to Set Foot on the World Stage (Part One)

– The next day – 

– M Nation, Washington, Airport – 

The moment Xu Cheng landed and was going through the visa check, he was met by the FBI.

He told Lin Chuxue, Lin Dong, Luo Yi, and Li Wei to go on first to go to report to the university, and he was summoned to the interrogation hall.

An agent looked at him and asked, “Can you speak English?”

Xu Cheng nodded.

“Do you know why I only asked you to stay behind?” The interrogator across the table looked at him with sharp eyes.

“Sir, I don’t know,” Xu Cheng said. 

The interrogator snorted, picked up his resume and profile, and said, “Xu Cheng, 21 years old, enlisted in the Huaxia military for five years, outstanding achievements, and last year, you even won the title of the Huaxia Special Forces Competition champion. Half a month ago, because of a major disciplinary violation, you were removed from all positions in the military. What I want to ask is, why did you come to the M Nation at such a time? Do you have a specific purpose? Can I suspect you of being a spy?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Yes, I indeed have a purpose.”

The interrogating officers all narrowed their eyes. Xu Cheng said, “I came here to make money, and if I was really coming here as a spy, you think you would be able to find the documents that are in your hands right now?”

This was also why the FBI didn’t directly detain Xu Cheng first. Just with how easily they were able to find this information, if Xu Cheng was really here on a mission to be a spy, then it would be too easy to expose him. 

“Don’t go in circles. We can refuse your visa to enter this country and send you back to Huaxia. You better convince us, what violation did you commit that got you removed from the military?”

Xu Cheng: “Can I not say it?”

Interrogator: “No, we can also refuse to let you through.”

Xu Cheng shrugged his shoulders. “This is something that no one wants to face. You guys should know as well, my pay wasn’t high, and if you guys were to trace all the way back to my childhood in Britain, you would notice that I have a tragic past. I just want to live with my head up and with my pockets full, so I took a bribe and was fired. I don’t think anyone in my shoes would enjoy talking about this kind of experience, right? I came to the M Nation because I long for Las Vegas and the American Dream. How is it, is it enough? I like money, and I’m just here for the money.”

The interrogators all looked at each other.

Xu Cheng: “Since when was the M Nation afraid of people like me entering the border? Isn’t this the country advocating freedom? Or do you want to just go and take down the Statue of Liberty? I feel like in comparison to those foreign drug lords or mafia, wouldn’t I be like an ant in comparison for you to worry?”

“I’m warning you, you better not do anything against the interests of the M Nation.”

“Of course,“ Xu Cheng casually replied. 

Then, the interrogator finally stamped his visa and dismissed him.

When he left the airport and looked up at the midday sun, he mumbled to himself, “Don’t feel much different, I really can’t notice the difference in air quality and sunshine. M Nation, I’m here, are you ready? Little Joker, this time it’s my turn to stir up a sh-tstorm under your eyes.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Chuckling, Xu Cheng shook his casual windbreaker, picked up his luggage, and went to group up with Lin Chuxue.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The FBI didn’t give up monitoring him, but Xu Cheng didn’t really mind. After all, he was just here to study some biology and chemistry for the time being. As for laying down the groundwork for their plan, there were Luo Yi and Li Wei taking care of that.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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