Chapter 451: Sniping Casino Funds (Part One)

Lin Dong gave each temporary worker 500 thousand dollars in chips, for a total of 12.5 million dollars.

Besides Lin Dong, everyone was from the M Nation, born and raised. Even if they were caught cheating, it would be near impossible for the staff to find out that they were actually a team. After all, you could target one person, but you can’t target over 20 people at once. If you do that, then the reputation of your casino would take a huge hit and become known as a sore loser that couldn’t stand guests winning. 

In order to prevent these 25 people from running away with the money, Lin Dong didn’t let them know how many of them there were and who was in this operation together. Under this kind of situation and not knowing Lin Dong’s background, these students usually wouldn’t have the courage to run. After all, it was just one hour, and these guys would rather stay until the end to get their fair share of the pay.

This was Xu Cheng’s plan of gathering random people to help him dupe the casino’s money. 

Xu Cheng sipped on his glass of champagne as he looked at the model girls coming on and off the supercars that were stopping at the casino. He suddenly said, “Table five, big.”

Lin Dong nodded and walked towards Table 5. Under his lead, those temporary workers all casually went to Table 5 and put their money on whatever Lin Dong put on.

Then, all 12.5 million dollars in chips were gathered in that area. As the staff revealed the dice, the temporary workers and Lin Dong all got a million.

The total was 25 million. 

Generally speaking, when a table loses a certain amount of money in one round, its backend system would issue an alert.

“Table 5 instantly lost 12.5 million! What’s going on? Are there pros coming here to farm money? Get me the surveillance footage.”

“Yes, Sir.” A staff member pulled up the footage and said to the manager, “Sir, the maximum bet was 500 thousand. It wasn’t by one person, probably just luck.”

The manager nodded and relaxed a bit.

If it was just one person placing down the bet, it would attract the casino’s attention and then they would start investigating the background of that person. If they determine the subject to be a pro, the house would then take corresponding measures to counter-snipe. 

At this time, Xu Cheng said to Lin Dong, “Give them the commission and rotate onto the next batch of 25 people. If these guys taste the sweetness of this job and want to do it again, you can get their contact information.”

Lin Dong followed the orders and gave them 1%, which was 10 thousand dollars. Those 25 people never thought that they would get paid for so much for so little work. And they were also a bit surprised that their job was over already.

A few of them that left thought about it and turned around and said to Lin Dong, “Bro, if you guys have this kind of work next time, call me up, please. Here’s my number.”

“And me too, here’s mine.”

“This is mine, I’m free this whole winter break.”

“Alright, if we are doing it again, I will contact you guys.” Lin Dong smiled. 

Then, another 25 workers were switched on to do the same thing.

When another table lost another 2.5 million, the manager’s face became really ugly.

“What happened again? Table 7 lost 2.5 million in just one round?”

The Staff: “Sir, it’s from the whole table rather than a single person.”

The manager pulled on his tie, feeling a bit irritated. 

When he checked the surveillance himself, he finally gave up on investigating. There were over 20 people on that table, and they each didn’t bet very big.

“Wait, aren’t they a bit too coordinated to bet on the same side? Let me check the surveillance again, are they the same batch as last time?”

The technician nodded and pulled up the previous footage at Table 5.

“Sir, it’s not the same batch. Those people seemed to have already left after winning.”

The manager finally nodded. “Maybe I’m overthinking then.”

When the team was dismissed and Lin Dong walked back to Xu Cheng, his hands were shivering a bit as he held the card. He said with a shaking voice, “Teacher… There are 50 million dollars on this card! I’ve never won this much money in my life! Can you hit me? I want to see if I’m dreaming or not.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Pa!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng really hurled over a slap. “This little amount of money already made your legs soft? Does it hurt?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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