Chapter 451: Sniping Casino Funds (Part Two)

Lin Dong covered his face. “Yeah.”

He obediently handed the card to Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng took the card and said, “We can’t pull the same trick anymore. You won 25 million today, so at least if you were to go again next time, they will notice you.”

Lin Dong: “Then how are we going to keep on making money in the future?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Don’t worry, those college students that got a taste of the sweetness will naturally cooperate with us.”

Lin Dong: “Teacher, I don’t get why you specifically recruited students for this? And you specifically asked for students from prestigious universities.”

Xu Cheng: “First of all, college students of prestigious schools are relatively more afraid of getting into trouble as it might jeopardize their education, and their minds are relatively simpler. They haven’t gotten into contact with crimes much, so they are less likely to commit crimes and break other people’s trusts. Besides, what we are giving them is a crapload of money, and they wouldn’t even know how to clear it or spend it. So, under that kind of mentality, they most likely won’t think about running away with the money, since they just want an easy part-time job. Besides, the students from prestigious schools usually care more about their reputation and we know their real identities. But, if you were to find some random adult who had been scavenging for jobs to live cheque to cheque, they would probably run right away the moment hits their hand.”

Lin Dong was still confused. “But with what you said, Teacher, 10 thousand dollars is enough for them to spend over a winter break. Would they still want to do this job with us?”

“This is why I look for students. They have this crazy gene in their heart, it’s not enough to get them to commit crimes, but it would make them feel really excited to be able to make this much money this fast, to the point of addiction. Okay, today’s job is done. I’m going to take you out to eat something fancy.”

Just as Xu Cheng predicted, when those students confirmed that it wasn’t a scam and they really got the cold hard cash in their hands, they were all hooked. When Lin Dong called them, they all immediately came over to meet again.

Lin Dong said, “Here’s an agreement, you guys can sign it. From now on, take this card, go in and gamble once and get out. Have your phone constantly logged in onto Facebook. We will be connected by call, and I will tell you which table to go to and put your money on what. After you win, change the chips back to cash into this card and come out to hand it to me. I will pay you according to the agreement.”

As Xu Cheng said, the first time Lin Dong would lead them, and for the second time and so on, these guys would be restrained by contracts, and Lin Dong can’t show his face anymore. After all, on the first day, he already showed up twice and took out 25 million in chips. Every day, if he just goes in and only wins, it would catch too much attention. 

Every gamble would be of a small amount and they would use quantity to boost profit. Everyone would only go and gamble once every day. Every day, Xu Cheng could gamble 50 or even 100 times, and that profit amount would be terrifying. 

This was Xu Cheng’s strategy, but of course, the students that they hired didn’t know to keep their mouths shut. 

In the next few days, the casino seemed to have noticed something and banned university students from going in to gamble. Xu Cheng had to change strategy. But, just with these few days of work, he was able to plunder 200 million dollars! 

Lin Dong was also thrown under the bus since the students didn’t have a tight mouth and exposed him to the police. The police took him away, but they couldn’t get anything out of him so they just let him out after the normal routine. 

Lin Dong was cursing at the college students that sold him out.

Xu Cheng laughed and asked, “How does it feel?”

Lin Dong: “Since we earned 200 million dollars, I will take it. Just a couple of days in detention, haha.”

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