Chapter 452: There’s Money We Can Earn Together (Part One)

Riding in a pickup truck, they drove into the black market, and there were armed people everywhere.

Lin Dong swallowed his saliva and subconsciously asked Xu Cheng, “Teacher, are those guns all real?”

“Do you want to give it a try?” Xu Cheng could tell that Lin Dong hadn’t seen such a scene in his whole life. 

“Dong, I’ve told you since the beginning, following me around isn’t a joke. Inside Huaxia, you would only see the bright side of society, but from now on, you will see the dark side of the world where interests of major powers collide. In this world, some people like peace, and some people enjoy war. If you become scared, then those people would only take advantage of your weakness to bully you.”

Lin Dong looked around at the black market, everyone looked ever fierce and heavily armed. 

To be honest, it was his first time even seeing such a chaotic place, even including movies. 

Maybe it was because it was his first time, he appeared very nervous and scared. After all, he was just a naive brat, and no matter how rebellious he was, he would be scared of being in this kind of a place where he could die any second. 

Xu Cheng brought him directly to Saar’s base camp.

At the gate, two armed guards aimed their rifles at them. “This isn’t a place you can just come and leave. Get the fack out of here!”

Seeing the gun pointed at him, Lin Dong didn’t even dare to move a finger, and his back was covered in sweat.

Xu Cheng suddenly moved. He grabbed onto both guns and pulled, directly pulling the two guards onto the ground. Then, he broke both rifles into two pieces.

One of them got up and still tried to fight back, but Xu Cheng kicked him in the throat and knocked him unconscious immediately.

At this moment, a huge crowd of people rushed out of the villa and surrounded Xu Cheng.

“Who are you?!”

Seeing so many guns pointing at them, Lin Dong was so nervous that he no longer knew what to do.

This scene… was a bit suffocating.

“I’m looking for Saar, tell him that Mr. Fang is here. (Refer back to Chapter 268: Fang is slang for the Diamond suit cards) If he doesn’t want to come out and welcome me, then I will just go in myself.”

“Go in yourself?” At this moment, Saar’s men were very irritated. “You can give that a try. I will shoot you in the head!”

Immediately after that, the person that just spoke was sent flying away, being kicked by Xu Cheng so fast that no one even saw clearly. 

Five more people wanted to pull the trigger, but Xu Cheng didn’t give them the chance at all. He swept the ground with his foot, directly kicking up a wave of sand into their eyes. Then, Xu Cheng grabbed onto one of their rifles and gave each of them a shot in the thigh!

All five of them fell to the ground, crying miserably. The guns were all kicked out of their hands by Xu Cheng. 

“You are always like this when you come. Can’t you just use your mouth more, man…” At this time, Saar came out from the villa and said helplessly with his palm out.

“It’s best for your men to remember me. If they dare to block my way next time, I will kill them right away.” Xu Cheng tossed away the rifle, sneered, and led Lin Dong towards Saar.

Saar had his other men clean up the scene and led Xu Cheng into the villa. 

For the whole time, Lin Dong followed carefully with his tail between his legs.

After entering the big hall of Saar’s villa, Xu Cheng sat down and picked up a cigar that was in a box on Saar’s table and passed it to Lin Dong. “Do you smoke?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Dong shook his head.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng didn’t force it. He lit one up, and Saar said heartbreakingly, “That is a top-tier Cuban cigar, even I would hesitate before smoking one. If you don’t know how to smoke it then don’t waste it.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)


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