Chapter 455: The Idea of Letting Cells Resuscitate (Part Two)

Koman continued, “And with the resuscitated cells, other than being able to fight against viruses, it can also help to connect broken or detached limbs. For instance, after certain heavy tragedies, many people have lost their feet or legs, and due to the death of the cells, they couldn’t connect it back on. Could we resuscitate the cells on the severed arm or leg and then attach it back? This could simply be a giant opportunity!”

Xu Cheng looked at Koman in confusion and said, “Professor, when you were out there trying to get sponsors, that’s also what you said, right?”

Indeed, anyone that heard this pitch would be tempted, because if he could really succeed, it would instantly lead to a gold mine!
From the perspective of the current medical science capabilities, it was true that humans haven’t solved issues such as cancer and many other major diseases, and in terms of disabilities, people still haven’t found a better way other than using prosthetics. If a serum or something could really be developed to resuscitate cells, it would really lead to an unimaginably large amount of wealth!

Hearing Xu Cheng’s question, Professor Koman’s slim face appeared slightly awkward and he coughed. “Sorry, it became a habit. Now, there’s no fool that’s willing to sink money into it, isn’t that right?”

Xu Cheng showed that it was understandable. 

Professor Koman pointed at that pile of leeches and said, “From studying these soft-celled organisms, I found that these cells have a strong and powerful ability to resuscitate. But unfortunately, my biggest discovery so far in my research progress could only use these cells to stop the spread of some diseased cells in some animals. For instance, some of the stray dogs and cats you saw out there, in fact, they were found with some sort of viral infection or disease. With the serum I was able to develop, there were actually many cases of success where I was able to cure a lot of major illnesses in those animals. But unfortunately, I still couldn’t find a way to utilize it on humans. I had tried previously, and I was faced with several lawsuits and had been jailed, and a lot of my money was used up because of it. Those are all unpleasant memories.” 

Xu Cheng thought for a second and asked Koman, “Then what do you think is the biggest obstacle in successfully using it on humans?”

Koman: “Time of survival.”

He pushed up his glasses and said, “You know, once a cell leaves the host, it can only survive for a limited time, and within that limited time, the time it takes for a human to accommodate and absorb it is also very limited. I made a summary of my failures before and I noticed that humans will need a long time to absorb these types of cells and develop antibodies for it. For instance, babies need vaccines when they are young, but the body needs several days to even a month before it can develop the antibody. Before then, if the serum can’t live for that long and dies inside the body, it will ferment into a virus and then, in turn, cause harm to the body.”

Xu Cheng looked at him and asked, “How many people have you killed?”

Koman suddenly became silent. Depressed, he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He sighed and said, “Five! This is the biggest reason my granddaughter doesn’t want to face me! In the past, I was a lead physician at a very prestigious hospital in charge of internal medicine research. Later on, I got obsessed with this and caused a major medical accident and was fired. I wanted to prove myself, so after that, I began trying to get sponsors to keep my research going. Right now, you are seeing the failed me.”

Xu Cheng patted the old man on the shoulder. He didn’t know how to comfort him, after all, he did cause the death of other people.

He asked, “Do you have the way to fuse genes? You really can’t find a buyer for this?”
Koman: “I don’t want to sell it alone, and I also need time to find a buyer. Not everyone can appreciate this. I want to sell it along with my whole laboratory. I have a lot of data here, these are the result of my research over the last two decades.”

“How much do you want to sell it for?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Koman: “15 million dollars! I am 10 million in debt, and I want to leave 5 million behind for my granddaughter. If anyone is willing to pay this price, I will sell him everything.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng nodded. Then, he continued to discuss with Koman the results of some of his other in-depth research. read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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