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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 457.1

Chapter 457: Acquiring the Laboratory (Part One)

– Next day – 

The game of sniping casino money began as scheduled.

Xu Cheng was playing cards with the four mafia family leaders while the minions below went to gamble, following Xu Cheng’s commands.

After making a killing of 160 million dollars in the casino below just before noon, Saar ordered a hearty meal for them. The five of them ate, and the four family leaders repeatedly toasted Xu Cheng.

After eating, Saar took out a card and said, “This money is already clean. Here’s the 60% of your share of the 160 million, which comes to a total of 96 million.”

Xu Cheng nodded and Lin Dong came up and picked up the card.

These guys were really down-to-earth, they already saved Xu Cheng the trouble of having to launder the money and directly gave him the clean money out of their own pocket first. If the forty gang members directly gave him the money they won for him to use, although it’s technically still legal, it would still be easy for the FBI to trace the money and find out that the money lost by the casino all went to his pocket. This wasn’t the trouble Xu Cheng wanted, so the four mafia families already went ahead and took care of it.

Now, Xu Cheng could use the money on this card without any worries.

And then, the 160 million dollars on the card downstairs, that the gang members were passing around, would just be laundered later and split among the four families.

In just one morning, each of them was able to get 15 million dollars! And it was just half of the day, and they would continue after two o’clock.

Within one day, they easily plundered 320 million dollars, and everyone stopped the operation. Xu Cheng walked away with 190 million!

And the four families took away 130 million! Basically, each family got more than 30 million dollars!

And this was just one day!

It was really even crazier than robbing a bank!

Saar directly invited everyone to have a crazy party in Las Vegas, but he was turned down by Xu Cheng. The other gang leaders didn’t force it, since they knew Xu Cheng probably didn’t want to expose himself in the M Nation since he had a seemingly-very simple identity on the surface!

But, Xu Cheng did toss Lin Dong to those guys and let him have a crazy night. Xu Cheng still wanted to test if this guy could stand the temptation of drugs from those people.

If he couldn’t, then he was destined to not be able to become a big part of his operation!

Lin Dong knew his position very well. The parties in Las Vegas were wild, and many people actually just took those things openly in public. It was quite normal, and weed was even legal here. But, he knew he definitely shouldn’t touch those things.

As for girls, he didn’t hold back.

Early the next morning, he went to pick up their new car. It was an extended Maybach sedan, and he appeared at his teacher’s door on schedule. 

Xu Cheng was quite satisfied with this habit of Lin Dong’s. No matter how crazy it went last night, Lin Dong was very punctual. 

Sitting in the car, Xu Cheng got a call from the lawyer Stenson.

“Boss, I got it done!” On the other end, Stenson sounded very happy. “Now, the Koman Laboratory is an asset under your name.”

“That fast?” Xu Cheng asked curiously, “That old man really agreed to just ten million dollars?”

“Not really.” Stenson said, “But I found out that his granddaughter didn’t really like that old man, and she has a habit of buying lottery tickets. So, I pretended that she won 3 million dollars so he would accept the money without any additional feelings. I told this to the old man, and then used ten million to buy his lab.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng frowned. “You took 2 million yourself?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Stenson: “Boss, if I really did, I wouldn’t be telling you the details. I’m trying to cut your expenses. Don’t forget, other than a lawyer, I’m also a financial planner. In fact, that old man didn’t agree at first.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)


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  1. StormHTS

    “As for girls, he didn’t hold back.”
    You have me confused here. Did he hold back or not from cheating?

    • ballenger

      Why would he be cheating? I don’t remember Lin Dong having anyone

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