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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 459.1

Chapter 459: The Casinos Became Aware (Part One)

After studying all night and making sure that the bulldog was experiencing no side effects, Xu Cheng was lost in thoughts.

Right now, this cell resuscitation project couldn’t be expanded to a large scale because he could only use his own blood to achieve this effect. It wasn’t like he was going to stab himself and pour out a bucket of blood every day to benefit the people, right?

That would be stupid.

Nor was he that great and selfless of a person.

But, he felt that he could indeed study this project in depth. Not to mention how much money he could make first, Xu Cheng felt that since his blood could repair cells, would it be possible to inject his serum like a vaccine and wait for it to be absorbed by the subject’s body to produce antibodies, and then try to inject other animals’ genes into the subject to be absorbed?

It wasn’t impossible. 

What did he want to do?

Very simple, since he could become the only person that could have these kinds of godly powers, why couldn’t there be a second person?

Xu Cheng knew that he was still weak by himself, and if he wanted to build up a large force, he would have to face those powerful politicians and nation-level military powers! This was also why the king of mercenaries, Kush, still couldn’t unify the land of mercenaries.

It was because he knew that once he attempted to unify the region, that day would be the day he dies. 

No one would be able to withstand the relentless pursuit of the M Nation’s military and special forces. 

You can be powerful, but not all of your friends and family can. When politics gets ugly, you can’t win against them at all because you can’t protect everyone around you.

So, since Xu Cheng wanted to play, he was exploring the possibilities of creating more powerful masters.

He wanted to see if he could be used as a primer to promote and master this kind of genetic technology to benefit those around him.

He knew it was necessary for him to study deeper into this topic, and the happy thing was that now he knows that his serum can enhance human’s antibodies and resuscitate cells. Then, the next step would be finding out if, after those antibodies get developed in the human body, could they help the recipient to absorb other animals’ genes and in turn create a more powerful human?

That would be the second stage of Xu Cheng’s experiment.

For this, Xu Cheng dismissed his apprentice Lin Dong and told him to go somewhere else while he stayed in the lab and worked all night.

First, he needed to do a study, and that was whether injecting an animal with his serum could develop enough antibodies to keep it alive while it absorbs another animal’s genes?

Xu Cheng went to the market and bought some bees. Bees have a very short life cycle, and he paid a high price for a few queen bees, which usually had a lifespan of about half a month.

He took out his blood and stored it in the fridge.

Then, he extracted the genes from turtles, which had an extremely long life cycle. Xu Cheng wanted to see whether his serum could allow them to fuse harmoniously without killing the host when putting the foreign gene into another animal.

Xu Cheng was using a miniature pinhole tweezer, and under the microscope, he tried to inject his serum into the queen bee.

Because the body was a bit small, his every movement had to be executed with a high degree of precision. Otherwise, the queen bee would just be stabbed to death when the needle poked too hard or poked through. And that was also how Xu Cheng killed about 5 or 6 queen bees.

In the end, he realized that he could activate his penetrating vision, allowing him to see through all the fibers and tissues of the queen bee, and on this try, he pinpointed an intake point and successfully injected the serum. Then, he immediately put the queen bee into a jar and poured a little water in to keep it moist.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Not long after, the queen bee became drowsy as it collapsed onto the bottom of the jar, unmoving. From this whole process, he noticed a thing, and that was that the amount of time it took for different animals to develop the antibody was different.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

It took the queen bee at least half an hour to absorb the serum and develop the antibody. Just when Xu Cheng was almost about to give up on it and thought it was dead, the queen bee’s wings began flapping vigorously as it bumped into all directions inside the jar, being very energetic.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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