Chapter 459: The Casinos Became Aware (Part Two)

Xu Cheng was sure that his serum was able to successfully activate and strengthen the queen bee’s cells, and now, he took out the turtle’s genes and injected it into the queen bee.

The queen bee was so energetic just now, but now, its movement began to slow down as it began dying again. Its legs were still kicking, proving that it was still struggling and not dead. 

Xu Cheng put it into a big jar with a good flow of air. Then, after putting a bit of honey and water in there, he no longer paid attention to it.

Now, he needed to observe whether the turtle’s genes could help improve the queen bee’s short lifespan. It didn’t need to be a drastic improvement, it would be a success as long as it was not dead within half a month.

Then, for the next few days, Xu Cheng would spend most of his time in the lab. During the day, he would sometimes go to the casino to collect some money, and he would come back to the lab at night. He would also let Lin Dong out to follow those Mexican gang leaders around to broaden his view of the world. 

Now, the four gang leaders basically respected Xu Cheng like he was the god of wealth. In fact, the FBI had been keeping an eye on Xu Cheng, and they were also noticed by the gang. They had many ways to fack over the FBI, making their lives miserable and annoying them to no end, yet they couldn’t do anything to Xu Cheng nor did they know who was facking with them.

Some of those FBI agents even got death threats, being warned that they shouldn’t put their noses where they shouldn’t. 

But, those guys didn’t listen. They kept on tracking Xu Cheng, and then their family got hit with some trouble. Some would occasionally get robbed, their cars hit, all sorts of mess. 

At the same time, the FBI also received a report from Las Vegas. 

The four big casinos in town all felt that their profits had been declining recently, but they noticed that they were actually getting more traffic, so the profit should’ve gone up too. During the earlier days, they didn’t notice and thought it was just part of the cyclical trend and there weren’t many tourists during that month. However, now they should be in the peak season so they should be making the most money right now. But, their profit didn’t go up at all, and for a few days, it was even negative!

After one month, the four casinos lost more than 70% of their normal profits! 

That was the equivalent of a 4-billion reduction in revenue!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The finance department was working around the clock, double-checking the books, yet they realized that the number was right. However, they couldn’t find out how they lost money because their guests all won it fair and square and left with their wins, there were no signs of cheating at all.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

So, they sought help from the FBI to establish a task force to investigate this matter. First, they would investigate internally, looking to see if there are staff in the casino working with outside parties to allow those guests to always win money. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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