Chapter 460: Your Precautionary Measures Disappoints Me (Part One)

– FBI Headquarters – 

The team leader of the commissioned task force investigating this matter was Sergeant Withers.

Sitting at a table filled with all kinds of documents, he listened to his junior officer standing across from the table give a report. “Sir, we went and investigated those casinos, and among the casino patrons in the past month that left with winnings, there are 70 to 80 of them that would come here to gamble every day. They would come to gamble with different amounts of money, but one thing that is very shocking is that after one month of gambling, those people had never lost!”

“Oh?” Withers narrowed his eyes. “Never lost? How much do they typically place at bets?”

“Different sometimes. The least was a million, and the biggest was 8 million! I noticed that every day they would only go in to gamble once, and then get out right away, very strange. They did this for a month, and they haven’t lost even once. If we were to add up all the money these guys won from the casino, it would be over 4 billion, which would explain the big drop in casino revenue. “


Withers slapped the table.

“They could very likely be the culprits!”

“Yes, Officer, but they didn’t exhibit any cheating behavior, so we can’t press charges against them. They operate in legal casinos, and they also won the money away legally.”

“I know,” Withers said, “Right now we just need to find proof. Why have they never lost? Do you actually don’t know? It must be because there are moles inside the casino that were helping them win every time!”

“But Sir, are there moles in all four casinos?”

Withers narrowed his eyes and nodded. “You are very right. You did a good job on collecting intel. Now let’s go and have a chat with the heads of the four casinos, or they are gonna start b*tching about how we make money but don’t do work again.”

– Inside one of the casinos’ conferences rooms – 

Many from the higher-up management of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas all came over to attend the meeting.

Withers dropped the pile of documents on the table and said, “According to our investigations over the past few days, I think the 4 billion or something in losses that you guys had all went into these guys’ pockets.”

Recently, profit had been a big problem for Las Vegas, basically, all the big whales were at risk, so they paid special attention to this matter. Those in charge directly took over the documents and started going through it.

Inside were very detailed profiles on those 70-80 people. 

“They would come to gamble every day, with funds ranging from one to eight million. But, maybe one thing you guys haven’t noticed, it’s that these guys seem to have never lost before. Let my assistant tell you guys how terrifying that would be.”

WIthers’s assistant nodded, pulled out his pad, and said, “These 80 people, if they gamble from one million snowballing to eight million and restart. After one round, if no one loses, they would be able to take away 320 million!”

All the attendees in the conference room took in a deep breath!

Some of the faces of the people in charge immediately paled.

“Then how is it possible?”

WIthers said, “It could be a number of reasons. The most likely one is that there are moles in your casinos, giving the right answers away to those that are placing bets for them to win and leave with the money.”

The head of technicians in the casino said, “Impossible, the dealers we have wouldn’t be able to manipulate or guess the numbers inside the dice with 100% accuracy.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Withers: “Then have you put precautionary measures in place on the dice rollers or poker cards? To avoid being seen through by some piece of technology?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Technician: “We did everything. We are cooperating with the big techs in Silicon Valley every year, they are able to help improve our gadgets every year to make sure no technology that is currently out can see through our dice covers or cards, not even the airport security could see through them. We already had this kind of suspicion, so we had experts from Silicon Valley come over and check, and we already updated to the best technology available on the market, but we still could not solve the downward trend of our profitability.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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