Chapter 460: Your Precautionary Measures Disappoints Me (Part Two)
At this time, the leader of a casino with a bigger loss said, “Sir, we invited you over to tell us who it is, not throw out a bunch of questions for us to guess ourselves. Las Vegas gives you FBI people so much funding every year, and you guys just take the money and don’t do any work? If you can’t get to the bottom of this, we will jointly complain about you guys to the National Security Agency!”

Withers bitterly smiled. “Clearly, these guys don’t have any criminal tools. But looking at the surveillance footage, you can see that they would check their phone whenever they go and place a bet. This means, someone’s telling them where to go and what to place a bet on. Someone’s behind them.”

“You are pointing fingers at our casino insiders, but may I ask, do you have proof? Can you find some first? We can’t just blindly turn against our own guys at a time like this.”

“I will investigate it,” as WIthers said this, he got a call.

His eyes narrowed, and he looked at the casino executives and said, “Our people have found the background of these eighty people. They all are from a mafia background; I think this is a collective conspiracy.”

The executives said, “I don’t care what it is, we are telling you to just drag out whoever’s behind this. You also saw, they are all legally gambling without violating any rules, we won’t be able to catch them red-handed at the scene. So, if we just prohibit them from going in, our reputation would also tank while they could just find another batch of eighty to do the same thing! So, please hurry up and do something useful, we are losing money every day!”

Those execs all left the scene angrily, since they were very disappointed with Withers’s efficiency.

Withers and the others in the task force continued to follow the eighty or so people they spotted.

– One day – 

Xu Cheng and the other four mafia leaders gathered again at the hotel and were ready to plunder more money, and Xu Cheng saw that there were suspicious people around the casino. They didn’t look at anyone other than the mafia members they sent in to gamble.

Xu Cheng used his penetrating vision and directly saw their FBI ID badges. 

At this time, he smiled and said, “Not working today, let’s pull out.”

The mafia leaders were all surprised. 

“Why? The meals are all ordered, the wine is prepared too, are you not satisfied with what we prepared for you? Mr. Fang, just let us know what you want to eat or play with, anything.” Saar thought Xu Cheng was no longer satisfied with their cooperation these days and he anxiously said, “Is it because we didn’t entertain your apprentice enough?”

Lin Dong: “Not at all.”

Xu Cheng looked at Withers’s ID and suddenly said to the four leaders, “Pull out all of your men, and also look into who WIthers is. He’s just sitting there in the breakfast restaurant across the street. Buddy, you guys have the FBI on your tail.”

Saar snapped his finger, and his men immediately brought over a computer and searched in their system the name – Withers.

“Boss, recently, the FBI guys are indeed getting pretty close with the casino guys.”

“S--t!” Saar cursed.

At this time, Xu Cheng sneered, “Your precautionary measures are too disappointing, how can I be assured that you guys won’t screw up in the future? Let’s call it a day here, we will continue when the situation is better.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, Xu Cheng left with Lin Dong.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Saar and the other mafia leaders were all very embarrassed. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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