Chapter 461: We Don’t Even Know How He Did It (Part Two)

“We are just playing cards here. Is it bothering you, Sir?”

“Oh, nope, but we did catch someone, so we just wanted to come and ask if he’s one of yours,” Withers said as his men dragged over the young messenger fella.

Saar faintly asked, “What crime did he commit?”

Withers was looking around for clues inside the suite such as devices that could see through things in the casino as he said, “We were following a few guys that we suspect to be related to an incident that’s happening at the casinos in this city. We are sure that they cheated at the casinos, but when we went to arrest those guys, we don’t know what this young fella said to them, they all scattered and left. You guys won’t say you don’t know this young fella, right?”

“I know him.” Saar said straightforwardly, “He’s one of my guys. If there’s no crime being committed, please let him go.”

“We have to take him away to cooperate with the investigation,” Withers said.

Saar directly walked to Withers and stared right into his eyes, showing his golden teeth and confronting him, ”Do you not speak English? I said, let him go.”

“Okay.” Withers directly let the young fella go. Spreading out his hands, he said, “Let’s just be frank here, how did you guys manage to gamble without even losing once? I know you guys did it, since those guys we were tailing all have backgrounds that can be traced back to you guys; as FBI we can find that out easily. We are all smart people here, I know you guys have big backgrounds in the M Nation, but Las Vegas is one of the symbolic cities in the M Nation, and the casinos here obviously are protected. If you guys just come and gamble like everyone else, you are completely welcome. But if you are gonna use some despicable tactics to cheat, wouldn’t it be a bit out of line? I know I’m not qualified to contend with you four big bosses, but I can issue a notice to you guys on behalf of the FBI. If you guys continue doing what you are doing, you will be facing a war with us!”

Saar directly pulled out a gun from one of his men and placed it in Wither’s hand, threatening, “Come, even if I admit that it was me, can you pull the trigger and kill me?”
Withers obviously couldn’t shoot.

Saar grinned. “No evidence, right? Then just shut your mouth and be careful of what comes out of it. We didn’t commit any crime here in the M Nation, we are all law-abiding citizens, you can’t just discriminate against us because of our background, you got it? Do you know the law also doesn’t allow you to racially discriminate against people? I know you guys are worthless and can’t find anything, so don’t think that threatening us would work. You guys are the police, we are supposed to be the bad guys. If you use your lawful ways to defeat us, that’s understandable. But can you not be even more shameless than us?”

“Alright.” Withers couldn’t arrest them right there.

Before they could find any solid evidence, they indeed wouldn’t be able to win in court. The money was also taken away as spoils of legitimate wins, so they couldn’t get it back at all.

“But I will be keeping an eye on you guys every day! I want to see, how did you guys manage to win every single time.”

Then, with a wave of his hand, Withers said, “Let’s go!”

After they left, Saar and the other three bosses all laughed scornfully.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Not to mention foreigners, even the citizens of the M Nation hated the FBI. Many times, they loved to abuse their power and try to make a big deal out of nothing, but in the end, it was not that scary. It was kind of like the imperial guards employed by the imperial family during Huaxia’s many dynasties; just because they had some authority, they would ignore many of the personal rights and interests of normal citizens, and that led to most of the citizens not liking to deal with them.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Saar took a huff of his cigar and said, “I don’t even facking know how that guy did it, how could I tell you? Dumbazz!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Oh dang, it’s actually Easter already! I didn’t even notice with the quarantine going on.

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