Chapter 463: Withers Getting Humiliated (Part Two)

That man!

It was that man! That guy that gave out the orders “big, big, small” had the exact answer as these gamblers! 

The culprit behind all of this that he had been after this whole time was actually just giving out orders right in front of his face!

Withers directly ran out of the casino towards the cafe, but when he arrived at the cafe, that person was gone!


Endless humiliation! That guy must’ve known that he was FBI and was also the one in charge of this case. He must have done it deliberately, in front of his face, yet he didn’t notice a thing!

Withers felt humiliation that he hadn’t felt in his entire life!

This was the first time in his career where he was basically slapped in the face by his own blindness and stupidity.

Suddenly, Withers began to really hate Asians.

Seeing there was an Asian in the corner, he immediately ran over and grabbed him, thinking that it was Xu Cheng.

But when that guy turned around and Withers noticed it wasn’t him, that Asian looked at him in confusion and asked, “Can I help you?”

“No, go back to your own facking country!” Withers was already furious, and right away he said something inappropriate.

“I’m going to sue you for racial discrimination!”

“Whatever you want!” Withers said and left.

When he went back to the casino, his guys were already packing up. His assistant walked over and said to him, “The higher-up wants you to go back to the HQ, you might be getting questioned.”

Withers bitterly smiled.

At this time, the manager in charge of the Aria Casino came out and shouted at him, “I already filed a complaint on you, you bunch of worthless trash!”

Withers came back to the FBI HQ and entered his superior’s office. Across from him sat his boss, holding a pile of complaint reports on Withers in his hand.

“Look at what you have done!” His superior was slightly irritated. “The complaint from Saar and the other Mexican mafia leaders, the complaint questioning your professionalism from the execs of the four casinos. They are suspecting that you just take money but don’t do work, this is just facking embarrassing. And also this, this complaint, if this gets exposed, not to mention you, we would all receive the pressure of public opinion. You obviously know that there are more and more wealthy people in Asia that like to come here for vacation, and yet you still dare to make racial remarks towards them? Do you know what racial discrimination means here? If this gets exposed, the entire FBI’s going to be in tons of sh-t, you got that? What the fack were you doing?”

Withers pointed at the gauze on his head and said, “I got hit by a beer bottle and wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Why didn’t that beer bottle just kill you already?” His superior was too angry. “You know how sensitive Saar and the other guys’ identities are, you should’ve been more cautious when dealing with this case. It was already enough when you barged in once, I took a lot of pressure from my higher-ups and took all the scolding for you, yet you facking barged into their private territory again! Did you facking eat human rights or something? Why the fack are you going in without a search warrant? This time, they only broke a beer bottle on your head rather than pop a bullet into your head to send you to see Jesus!”

Withers: “Don’t worry, Sir, it won’t happen again!”

“You think there will be another next time?” His boss glared at him. “The higher-ups want you to take a vacation, we will have someone else take over. If you can’t handle the case on these four casinos, then we will find someone that’s more capable.”

Withers was obviously not happy with the decision. “Sir, I already know who’s the culprit behind all of this!”
Superior: “Who?”

Withers: “An Asian!”

Superior: “You just got a report for being racist, and now you are saying the culprit is an Asian with no other detail? Do you want to stir up a big sh-t feast of public opinion? Do you want to bury the FBI with your own hands?”
Withers really didn’t know what else to say. “But I know what he looks like.”

Superior: “Alright then, do you have evidence?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Withers: “Uh… No…”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Superior: “Go and take your vacation, I will get someone else to handle this. I’ve already removed your entire team from this operation. Later on, just hand over whatever you already have to the team that’s taking over.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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