Chapter 465: God is Beside Me (Part Two)

“You are looking for who gave me the answer?” Xu Cheng smiled. “I got it right? Tsk tsk, I’m pretty lucky.”

This time, Xu Cheng put his head down in his arms on the table and continued to say, “Table number 1, small!”

Withers: “Number 1, small!”

His subordinates quickly ran over and put down 20 thousand!

“Boss, how did you do it?!”

Withers’s pupils enlarged. “Got it again?”

Subordinate: “Yeah, we won again!”

Withers looked at Xu Cheng in disbelief, and Xu Cheng just grinned at him mysteriously. 

That smile made Withers feel like ants were crawling under his scalp.

“Number one again, small,” Xu Cheng said.

Withers: “1, small!”

Subordinate: “Won again!”

Xu Cheng took a sip of the juice again and mysteriously smiled. “1, big!”

Withers: “1, big!”

Subordinate: “Boss, what the fack? We won again!”

Withers: “Hurry up and get someone else to that table! Change that staff member, hurry!”

Then, Withers looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Let’s see you try to guess Table 1 again!”

Xu Cheng shrugged his shoulders. “No rush, let’s wait until the new staff gets swapped in first.”

After the staff was replaced, Withers hadn’t spoken yet and Xu Cheng already said, “I don’t need you to tell me. I know the new guy’s ready.”

Withers’s eyes widened!

How did he know?

How the fack did he know!

Xu Cheng yawned. “Small.”

Withers: “Small!”

Subordinate: “Boss, I’m suspecting that you are the culprit behind this whole case.”

Withers: “Right again, right?”

Subordinate: “Yes! How did you do it?”

Withers’s back was covered in sweat. “Hurry up and check the entire gambling table, see if there’s any device installed. Also, let the staff check the entire casino’s cameras to see if there’s anything abnormal going on or if someone hacked into the system.”

“No need.” At this time, Xu Cheng spoke, “Even if you go to a smaller casino, the result will be the same.”

At this time, the subordinate reported, “Boss, we scanned the whole place and checked the entire network, we didn’t find anything!”

Withers scratched through his brown hair with his hands, feeling very dry-mouthed, completely unable to comprehend what’s going on right before his own eyes. Looking at Xu Cheng’s mysterious smile, he was about to go crazy.

“Now that I let you participate in the whole process with me from beginning to end, which step can you press charges against me for cheating?” Xu Cheng asked him nonchalantly. 

Withers didn’t know what else to say. “Continue, didn’t you say 10 rounds? What’s the hurry?”

Xu Cheng said, “How about this, let your man go over to table 58 that’s playing Blackjack. There’s a gentleman in a grey vest, see if his hand is 17 points. And if he wants to hit, his next card will be a J of Spades. Or, you can also check if the dealer’s hand is 20 points.”

Withers: “Go over to Table 58, see if the guest in s grey vest has 17 points in his hands. If he hits, check to see if the next card is a J of Spades, and also check if the dealer has 20 points in his hand.”

The subordinate nodded and quickly went over to that table. When he arrived, the round just ended, and the guest in grey vest indeed had 17 points plus a J of Spades, and the dealer ate him with 20 points!

“Boss…” The subordinate swallowed his saliva, his legs almost gave in.

Withers: “What happened?! Hurry and say it!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Subordinate: “How did you do it?”

Withers’s eyes stared wide open. “All right? Even the J of Spades? The dealer with 20 points? The grey vest guy with 17 points?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Subordinate: “Uhm… God! My God! Are you a God?!”

“No…” Withers felt his soul leaving his body as he murmured in a daze and said, “God is sitting across from me.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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