Chapter 467: I Can Kill You, I Can Also Save You (Part One)

Withers said, “There won’t be an end to this case at all. Unless the Vegas casinos close down, money will be plundered every day.”

“As long as you plead guilty, you can leave us to worry about the other things.” With that, the team leader walked out of the interrogation room. 

Inside the detention cell, the four mafia members were visited by a lawyer.

He was here to simply say to those four, “Boss told me to come and tell you guys, once you guys get out, you guys can have all the fun you want!”

The four of them nodded in satisfaction. Just staying here for awhile also gave them a sense of accomplishment for their gang, and that was how this circle was. Those who were willing to take a bullet or the blame for the team, would rise faster on the ladder. 

After the lawyer came out, he went to a nearby balcony.

On the balcony stood an FBI agent smoking with his back towards him.

The lawyer put a file bag on the guardrail and said, “Here’s $5 million dollars, you did a good job.”

This person was none other than Cole, the team captain that replaced Withers on this case. He was a more practical guy than Withers; being able to bite his workplace opponent and also get a huge sum of money, he didn’t see anything wrong with that deal.

The five million was enough for him to enjoy for the rest of his life. In this circle, no one was really clean. The whole society here existed to serve capitalism, so when the capitalists provided enough money, everything would be easier to handle. 

Maybe Withers was a tough and righteous guy, but his higher-ups or peers might not be. 

With this money, Cole would resign or transfer to other departments. After all, the four mafia families involved in this case weren’t entities that he could go up against. In this case, he would choose money and his own life over actually solving this case.

He would only need to help frame Withers to end the investigation into this case.

The lawyer left the bag behind and walked away without looking back.

– Koman’s Laboratory –

Stenson got a call and came over to look for Xu Cheng.

Going down the narrow and dark stairway to the lab, he frowned and said, “Boss, do you want to change to a lab with a better environment? You have so much money, there are already 2.7 billion in my hands alone! I don’t even know where to invest this money right now. Right now, as you have arranged, I have invested in a few college students and raised some good hackers. Do you have any other plans?”

“You don’t have to worry about this anymore,” Xu Cheng faintly said. “This place might look ghetto right now, but it’s worth a couple hundreds of billions of dollars. Do you believe it?”

Xu Cheng brought over the cage with the queen bee and said, “Go and register a medical company for me, any problems?”

Stenson frowned. “Without any legal document, it will be difficult. Unless you find a few reputed experts to hold the camp down and use their medical qualifications to start a company, I won’t be able to. You know, it’s quite strict here in the M Nation for stuff like this.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

“I will give you a mission.” Xu Cheng said, “It’s very difficult, but if you can do it, you are welcome to join my team. If you can’t, then your monthly salary will stay the same. If you do it, your annual salary will be 10 million U.S. dollars!”

“What is it, I’m ready to hear it!” Stenson swallowed his spittle and asked.

“I did some research, I heard Senator Jerry is suffering from terminal liver cancer, and he’s planning to give up on his political career. However, he has a high status in the Democratic Party. You tell him, if he’s already given up on his life, he might as well come over and let me try. I have a 60% chance of helping him recover.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“You sure you are not joking with me?” Stenson indeed felt that this whole mission was a bit impractical.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng raised his head and looked at him. “You might not know me well enough; I am a madman, so if you want to follow me, you must be prepared to do some seemingly ridiculous things. You can refuse, and your life will still be that plain. However, if you want to make your life more exciting, you can listen and do as I say.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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