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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 469.2

Chapter 469: I Don’t Have a Medical License Here (Part Two)

Jerry coughed up more blood and said, “Do I still have another choice? Just do as he says. If I really die after two days, then just donate my legacy to society. I won’t leave any money for my sons, I need them to learn to be independent!”

Linda nodded and waved for the bodyguards to carry Jerry into the humble laboratory.

Xu Cheng pointed at an experimental table and said, “Just let him lie there, and you guys can go out. If you insist on staying, then I won’t proceed with my operation. I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on for too long.”

Jerry said with his pale face that was as white as a sheet of paper, “All of you just go back.”

Linda looked at Xu Cheng and warned, “I remember what you look like now.”

“Hold up, sign first.” Xu Cheng handed over a document and said, “I’m not responsible for anything that happens in the future.”
Linda glared at him. “You!”

“If you don’t want to sign it, then you can carry him away,” Xu Cheng said.

A tall and burly bodyguard directly walked over, wanting to grab Xu Cheng by the collar and teach him a lesson, but who knew, Xu Cheng just lifted up his leg and sent him flying out of the window on the door.

The glass shattered everywhere, shocking everyone at the scene, including the other bodyguards.

“The operation will take two days, and if you don’t come and fix my door before tomorrow, I will take his life too,” Xu Cheng said. Then, he walked into the depths of the basement as he pushed the operating table.

Linda looked around and really didn’t know what she should do. In the end, she left with the bodyguards.

Xu Cheng pushed Jerry on the operating table and said, “The chance of saving your life depends on your commitment. I need a proper medical certificate in the M Nation, and other than that, I want an identity that can protect me. If you can do it, then the chances of success of this operation will be 60%!”

Right as Xu Cheng said that, Jerry grabbed onto his wrist tightly and said as he clenched his teeth, “Sir, please, try you best! I will fulfill those demands for sure, and more!”

“Then just relax,” Xu Cheng said as he brought over a dose of anesthesia and injected it.

After the drug took effect, Jerry was basically as good as dead.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng tied his entire body down on the operating table to prevent him from instinctively struggling and moving around vigorously during the process of activating the cells. If he didn’t, then Jerry might end up hurting himself, as the violent movement could damage his already fragile organs.

Then, he went to the fridge and took out the 20 ml dose of serum that he had prepared. Activating his penetrating vision, he looked to see where the cancerous cells were concentrated. He could see that the spot had already pretty much decayed, and a vast amount of cancer cells had spread to other places in his body.

Xu Cheng inserted the needle accurately at that place, injecting in the serum.

If there was enough serum, then it wouldn’t need two days. But the serum was limited, so the speed at which it killed the cancerous cells and resuscitated the normal cells would be pretty slow. But, Xu Cheng didn’t mind. He didn’t want to lose more blood than he had too. He wasn’t really a doctor, so there was no medical ethics he spoke of. Unless he’s trying to save someone close to him, otherwise, he wouldn’t use too much of his own blood.

After finishing the procedure, Xu Cheng began to study the books at the lab again.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

To be honest, after doing some studying in the medical field, he didn’t really learn much in that area, but he did learn about a lot of vulnerabilities in human bodies, which would come pretty handy in the future for him to precisely kill his targets.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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