Chapter 470: Can Save, But Can Also Kill (Part One)

On the next day, it was already noon when Xu Cheng woke up, and he already saw Linda waiting at the door with two handymen to repair the glass.

Xu Cheng came up from the basement and said to Linda, “Buy me lunch, I want Huaxia cuisine.”

Linda gritted her teeth as she stared at him.

Xu Cheng didn’t mind at all.

“When people are hungry, they can’t focus and their eyes might be dizzy. If you don’t want any accidents to happen during the operation, it’s best if you let me have a good meal.” Xu Cheng looked at the watch and said, “There’s still half an hour left until the operation, you don’t have much time.”

Without a choice, Linda could only rush out to buy some food, Huaxia cuisine to be exact. 

When she came back with all those big and small takeout bags, Xu Cheng accepted it very nonchalantly and actually went into the yard to just eat under the sun.

Linda saw that it was time for the operation so she yelled at him, “Didn’t you say half an hour ago that the operation is in half an hour? It’s already been 45 minutes and you are still not moving? Is my boss alive or dead right now?”

Xu Cheng just ignored her and kept on eating. Linda wanted to go down to check herself, but the door was locked.

“Just let me finish eating first, what’s the hurry? You have to know, this is my first time doing surgery, I got to be careful,” Xu Cheng said. 

“What?!” Linda’s eyes opened up wide. “You scammer! I’m going to call the police!”

“Go ahead, let the media know that Senator Jerry died at a sketchy lab that doesn’t even have a medical license, and you guys will be a laughing stock. You are his assistant; you are responsible for his public image, so you aren’t going to be that stupid, right?”

Linda gritted her teeth. “How is he really doing right now?”

“His heart was still beating when I came out, but I don’t know about now. Let’s just wait until I finish my meal.” 

Linda endured until Xu Cheng finally finished eating.

She just watched, quietly on the side, as Xu Cheng ate the food slowly, bite by bite. When it was long into the afternoon, Xu Cheng finally took a look at the watch and said, “About time.” 

Then, he got up and walked downstairs into the basement.

Linda was about to follow him down, but Xu Cheng stopped her in her tracks. “The laboratory is a confidential area, please stay out. If you are really anxiously waiting and have nothing else to do, you can maybe help me clean up the living room. I think I haven’t got a cleaner for it for about two weeks now.”

Linda stared at him. “Why me?”

Xu Cheng: “You know how he got cancer in the first place? The spread and aggravation of the cancerous cells are related to the surrounding environment. Let me just put it this way for you, even if I can successfully stop the spread of the cancer cells in his body, after he comes out and walks across this dirty area, his condition will most likely worsen.”

Linda gritted her teeth.

I will endure it!

Then, she turned around and started cleaning the place.

Closing the door, Xu Cheng smiled as he put on a mask and walked over to the freezer.

Opening the door to the freezer, he saw Jerry trembling on the operation table.

“Cold, cold!” His mouth was trembling from the chill.

Xu Cheng smiled. “If you feel cold, it means your body functions are still responding well.”

Then, he turned on his lighter and burned Jerry’s chest hair.

“Ah!” Jerry directly took in a breath and shouted, “Hot!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Uhm, your reflexes are good, and you can shout too, not bad,” Xu Cheng said, and he turned on his penetrating vision. Looking at Jerry’s internal organs, he noticed that his liver was still a bit damaged, but the cancerous cells seemed to have been taken care of. All that were left were the old wounds on his liver now.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“The operation went pretty well, I can declare to you that you are pretty much free of cancerous cells now. But, now, when you go back, you still have to get treatment for your liver. It’s still pretty damaged, so you should eat more supplements that helps with that organ’s recovery,” Xu Cheng said.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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