Chapter 471: Could This be the Mysterious Power of the East? (Part One)

– Washington University Medical Center –

One of the most famous and distinguished medical institutes in the world was based here.

The team that was in charge of Jerry was definitely even more top-notch, but at this moment, when they saw Jerry exiting the elevator himself to come for a check-up, they were all shocked!

The nurse saw him directly over and immediately said that she would help him get Dr. George, who was Jerry’s attending doctor.

Then, she just stood them dumbfoundedly for a long time. After finally making sure that this healthy and energetic-looking person standing in front of him was indeed Senator Jerry, she finally came back to her senses and called the internal line to Dr. George’s office. 

“Senator Jerry is here, he seems to have recovered. Dr. George, come and take a look at him. He seems to even be able to walk by himself now.”

On the other side, Dr. George, who was just in the middle of a meeting with another client, immediately hung up the call and said “excuse me” to the client before rushing out from his office. He immediately saw Jerry and his bodyguards walking towards him in the corridor, and the two met.

“Oh my…” George was clearly in disbelief when he saw Jerry, who was literally on the verge of death just a few days ago, standing healthily in front of him.

Senator Jerry immediately walked up to George, grabbed him, and said, “Hurry up and give me a full-body examination, see if my cancer cells had been cleared up.”

“Are… you alright? I mean, how are you feeling right now?” George asked him.

“Pretty good, I just can’t run nor do any heavy work. The doctor that was responsible for treating me said that my liver hasn’t fully recovered yet and that I need to do more treatment in that area,” Jerry said.

“Then follow me.” George led him into the treatment room.

His team all came over and started a whole-body examination for Jerry.

Jerry let out a breath nervously as he laid on the bed. 

Then, the hospital began using the equipment to assess him, and it took an entire evening. Dr. George’s team even forgot to go eat dinner.

“Teacher, this is unbelievable.” George’s student assistant brought over the test results and passed it to him as he took in a deep breath.

Geroge looked at the test results in a daze. “Are you sure you didn’t bring over another patient’s?”

“No, I personally did the lab tests, and I thought it was wrong too. I’m even doubting whether this Senator Jerry is a fake one…”

George bitterly laughed. “Probably not, it’s the same bodyguards. Did other things check out to be fine?”

“Yes, except for the liver that is indeed still exhausted, the other things all checked out fine. In fact, his cell activity seems to be even higher than the average person of his age.”

George: “What do you mean?”

The assistant: “Senator Jerry’s 49 years old, and right now his blood routine stats and organ functions should be reduced to ordinary levels. But it’s very strange, I found that the various functions of his body are actually working really well, such as his digestive system and lungs. Senator Jerry is a big smoker, and a few years ago, we were even suspecting him of getting lung cancer too, but during this check-up, we found that his lungs are actually very healthy!”

“Let me see!” George anxiously said. 

The assistant passed over a comprehensive inspection report.

After George took a look at it, he directly walked to Jerry’s bedside.

“Senator Jerry, if I may ask, who treated your illness?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“What happened?” Jerry frowned. His heart was beating fast because he thought something was wrong. “Is there a problem? But I feel very well though.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Oh, no, no problem at all!” George directly said out of excitement, “But no problem is the big problem here, right? You had Stage 4 cancer, and it would be impossible to eradicate all the cancerous cells in your body. But now, we found that you don’t have cancer at all in your body anymore!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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