Chapter 472: Find the Doctor (Part One)

– At the university medical center – 

In the conference room, all the board members were present.

No one knew why they would have such an important meeting with everyone on such short notice. 

Several board members looked at each other and chatted, not knowing what was going on and complaining about how precious their time was.

The major shareholder coughed. “This meeting was called by Dr. George, maybe he has reached some kind of breakthrough in a certain field?”

The others finally quieted down a bit.

Not long after, Dr. George came in with his assistant and prepared the setup for the meeting. 

On the projector, he began playing the process of which Senator Jerry went from diagnosis to treatment, to deterioration and then completely giving up. It was very detailed, so even though some shareholders didn’t have medical backgrounds, they could still understand it. Actually, just the phrase “Stage 4 Cancer” should be self-explanatory enough.

“Isn’t that Senator Jerry? Dr. George, are we trying to get into politics? I’m not interested at all about Senator Jerry’s medical history.”

“This isn’t about politics, we are studying a medical case from the perspective of a doctor, everyone.”

George began talking again, “Just as you can see, Senator Jerry’s case was our hospital’s top priority.”

The shareholders nodded. “Didn’t you guys say the team has given up on it? Besides, our hospital has already prolonged Senator Jerry’s life by at least a year while other medical teams couldn’t, and that’s enough to showcase our capabilities.”

“Yes, I felt the same way before too.” George stood in front of the projected screen and said, “But today, I summoned all the shareholders here to let everyone know, and that is, after we gave up on Senator Jerry and determined that he had less than two weeks of time left, just yesterday, I witnessed a miracle!”

“Dr. George, don’t tell me God saved him,” at this time, an old shareholder said. 

“Pretty much. His life was already maxed out by two years with active cooperation between the hospital and the patient, and the cancer cells in his body had basically spread throughout his internal organs. But, just yesterday, Senator Jerry came to our hospital! That’s right, you guys may have already heard some people discussing it. They are right, Senator Jerry had recovered!”

Someone became very excited. “This is a big event that’s worthy of celebration! We can definitely use this to show the world our medical team’s capabilities! Then, we can get more funding from the White House to train more talents in the future!”

George shrugged his shoulders. “Let me finish first.”

Then, he pressed the remote and the screen changed to a set of laboratory reports and a comprehensive physical examination report.

“As shown, everyone can see, these results came from our comprehensive assessment on Senator Jerry last night. You can compare it to the report of him when he was in the late stages of Stage 4 cancer.”

After seeing this report, many people that had a background in medicine immediately knew what those results meant. 

“That’s impossible!” An old professor in glasses exclaimed, “How could someone with organs that had nearly decayed and lost functions be able to recover in such a short amount of time?”

“Right, that’s impossible!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“This is basically like he swapped in a new set of organs! I remember Senator Jerry also has a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, right? I’ve seen the dialysis chart of his lungs, they were in pretty bad shape, worse than that of a 60-year-old. He would cough violently at places with the slightest pollution. Are you sure this on the screen is his lungs?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“That’s right, what you are looking at right now is the latest test results from Senator Jerry. How is it? Miraculous, isn’t it? With these kinds of results, it is no exaggeration to say that he was saved by God!” George said, “But, what I want to tell you all today is, God seemed to have become a mortal and descended into our nation. In other words, the best doctor that saved Jerry is in the M Nation!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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