Chapter 472: Find the Doctor (Part Two)

“All of Jerry’s organs are basically as good as being rejuvenated to be at least 15 years younger! His various functional states can be compared to that of a 30-year-old healthy man. Everyone, think about it, Senator Jerry’s already 49 years old!”

All the shareholders’ pupils enlarged!

The capability to treat cancer!

And the other restorative medical techniques demonstrated in these pictures were all also completely miraculous!

“We can only say that this doctor’s really skilled, the surgeries done on Senator Jerry’s organs are completely seamless, it doesn’t look like organ transplants at all,” some doctors said in amazement.

George couldn’t help but interrupt, “I think you guys are wrong.”

The others all looked at him.

George: “It had been less than a week since Jerry was checked out of the hospital to live his remaining days at his private residence. If I may ask everyone at this table, who is able to get organ-transplant surgeries and then recover to the point of being able to walk around freely, within just one week?”

That’s true!

The shareholders and doctors in the room almost ignored this detail.

George added, “Not to mention organ transplants, any surgery on a stage-4 cancer patient  would require hospitalization to some extent. But inside Senator Jerry’s body, his liver, lungs, stomach, and other organs all seem as if they were completely replaced, and any one of those operations would require at least a month of observation while being hospitalized. But, the report on Jerry told us that this doctor didn’t use any transplant techniques, but he directly cured the internal organs in his body!”

Someone exclaimed, “What you want to say is, he has developed some technique or medical technology that can treat cancer, kill the cancerous cells, and repair the internal organs?”

George: “That could be the case, or maybe it’s some type of drug too.”

Everyone anxiously asked, “Where is this guy? Did you guys leak the news of Jerry’s full-recovery yet? We must not let other hospitals know about this!”

George: “That’s what I was thinking too. I think we should hurry up and find this person, and then find a way to introduce him to our hospital, or buy the patent to his technology! That way, we would be the only hospital in the world that can treat cancer!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Thinking about this, everyone got really excited.

“Dr. George, did you not ask Senator Jerry who that doctor was?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I did, but he didn’t want to say it. Maybe that doctor wants to lay low and not be high-profile, but the moment Senator Jerry appears before the press, the truth would be found out pretty soon. At that time, we obviously wouldn’t lie to everyone that it was us that saved Senator Jerry. That wouldn’t be realistic, and the other medical teams aren’t stupid too. Right now, the only thing we can fight for is to find this doctor before the other medical teams. Or else, the moment the other hospitals get the patents, the situation wouldn’t look good for us,” George said.

At this point, everyone understood the purpose of this meeting today. That was right, now it was up to the board to decide the massive offer they would be presenting to the doctor when they find him.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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