Chapter 474: The Case Rapidly Escalates (Part One)

Many of these bosses indeed looked down upon Saar and the others. They weren’t scared of them, and more of the feeling was contempt.

It was the same kind of feeling as how those that do legal business do not respect those that got rich from illegal businesses. Both are rich, but the former looks at the latter full of contempt and disdain. 

Saar and the other three bosses just loved the way these guys despised them yet had no choice but to call them over to negotiate.

Damn, that feeling was pretty satisfying.

At the same time, the entire conference room was wire-tapped and under the surveillance of the FBI.

“Attention, everyone’s here. Eavesdrop Saar and the other mafia members’ phones to monitor all inbound and outbound communication. Also, have you begun tracking the four of them’s bank accounts yet?”

“Yes, they are with the Swiss, and we are already negotiating with the Swiss Bank. The moment there’s funds entering their account, we will be able to know.”

Peel and the others looked at the four Mexican mafia bosses. Peel grinned. “Want some coffee first? Blue Mountain?”

Saar shrugged. “I know this isn’t a problem that we can finish discussing within minutes, so yeah, coffee is indeed needed.”

The secretary poured over four cups of coffee.

Peel said straight away, “Mr. Saar, these guys that had been gambling at our casinos, they are your people, right? We already confirmed it, so there’s no need to go in circles.”

The four bosses looked at the information collected by the FBI and smiled. “I don’t know what you guys are trying to say.”

“These people have been hanging out around the casinos and coming to gamble almost every day, and every time, we have counted, they would win away at least tens of millions. The total sum that they’ve won right now is probably in the hundreds of millions or even billions.” Peel smoked his cigar and said, “It’s indeed true for millionaires to be created in Las Vegas, but it’s a bit bullsh-t for 80 millionaires to be created every day. And then, those 80 millionaries would immediately turn around and go back to being thugs and not seem to have won millions of dollars at all. That’s even more strange. Just where did the money they won go?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Saar: “You asking us, who are we going to ask then?”

The other mafia boss smiled and nodded. “You guys operate the casinos, and you can’t allow guests to leave with money they won? So only the house can win money from guests? With balls that small, you even dare to continue operating casinos? It’s all up to skills whether one wins or loses, or, are you saying, that you have put some measures in place at the casino to make sure normal guests can’t win money?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Should I pull up the surveillance of those 80 guys gambling for you guys? Look at them, they win every single time! Can I ask, who the fack are they trying to fool to say that they aren’t cheating?” Peel snorted.

Saar retorted angrily, “Mr. Old Man Peel, then should we also disclose how your casinos’ securities harass our men 25/8, searching their bodies and giving them a hard time leaving with the money they won? Don’t think we are afraid of being threatened. We are the mafia, haha, we aren’t scared of being threatened. You guys want to play it the tough way? We actually don’t mind it at all. But, please don’t talk in circles and just be straightforward. We are all the same, using skills to make money. Since you dare to open your door and operate, then don’t be scared of pros coming in to snipe, or just ordinary mafia members coming in to gamble.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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