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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 474.2

Chapter 474: The Case Rapidly Escalates (Part Two)

At this point, Saar was too lazy to go in circles with these guys. He slapped the desk and said, “You guys don’t want us to win money? Sure, just facking close your casinos and not do business anymore! How about, you can also hand over the business to us. Since you guys aren’t capable of running a casino with profit, then make space for those that are more skilled. Who else can you blame? The competition in every industry will weed out the garbage. You guys are old; if you can’t compete with the younger generation, then just move out of the way. Don’t try to threaten us to get your way. If you guys don’t want to move and want to continue to rely on bank loans and government subsidies to keep going, then go ahead. We are just gambling lawfully like other people, and as the loser, you should accept the fact that you will continue to lose money!”

The whole conference room went silent.

Money can make people do crazy things, and more profit can even make people disregard their lives!

Even though Saar and the others were used to being scared of these capitalists in Las Vegas, they no longer did. In the past, they thought Mr. Fang just wanted to make money, but later, they found out that they were wrong. The reason Mr. Fang’s doing this was more to force the batch of old guys off of the stage and replace them!

This was a very crazy thing, one even crazier than eliminating an entire Mexican mafia family in one night! It was because Las Vegas itself was a legendary place. There were four places in the M Nation that could display your status and prove your capabilities, and they were the White House, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Las Vegas! 

The last three of them represented the American Dream.

Wall Street could instigate the entire stock market in M Nation, Silicon Valley controlled the heart of technology in the nation, and Las Vegas was the most sinful yet dreamy place in the country. If you could do well in any of those four places, you basically had a strong foothold in this nation.

Peel directly looked at those four mafia family bosses and said, “A bunch of beggars, you don’t make any contributions to the city, yet you want to just come in here and cheat our money? When did you guys become so shameless?”

Saar: “Tsk tsk, if there’s money, then let’s make it together. We are all Mexican descent, why do you need to suppress us? You guys run the casinos, we will play in them, and we will take the money we win. Isn’t that normal?”

“Where’s the pride in cheating to win money?”
“Who’s cheating?” the four mafia bosses all shouted. “You have to bring out evidence to make such accusations, okay? Come on, bring out the evidence, and if you don’t have any, then we will sue you for defamation! We are in Las Vegas, since when do you guys have to resort to this kind of despicable tactics? Damn, you guys are really shameless enough to invite us all over, and then try to put sh-t on us? To be honest, we aren’t educated, and we also don’t have a clean background. If you guys point at the guys we killed and said we killed them, we won’t deny it. But if it’s something completely made up and you guys are spreading the rumor, then be careful of your tongue getting chopped up in the future!”

Just then, the four of them all got a text at the same time.

It was a deposit notification from the Swiss Bank.

Each of them got 35 million dollars inbound.

At the same time, the FBI tracked over to the Swiss Bank and said, “The casinos lost 320 million, but these four only got 35 million each, which is 140 million in total. Then, where did the other 180 million go? Hurry up and investigate where the 180 million went! I need all of their information!”

The FBI began negotiating with Swiss Bank, and they directly used their superior to pressure the bank to disclose the confidential information. At that time period, there seemed to be only one other account that received 180 million!

It was a client named Stenson!

“Check out who this ‘Stenson’ guy is!”

“Boss, he’s a lawyer slash wealth manager, and the funds in his account currently exceed six billion dollars!”

“Hurry up and find him!”

Stenson was in the middle of buying a new house. His salary had reached 10 million, so he asked for 200 thousand in advance to use as a downpayment for a house. His girlfriend was still at work, and just when he wanted to give her a call, he noticed that his phone seemed to be out of service.

This was a usual tactic used by the special forces as a part of their deployment plan. This was to prevent anyone from calling that would leak the operation or interfere with it.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

When he was about to go to the window to see if the signal was better, armed special forces rappelled down from the roof and smashed into the window.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, people rushed in from the door as well, pressing him down to the ground.

Stenson looked at the smashed window and broken door, his heart hurting like he was getting stabbed. “MY FACKING NEW HOUSE!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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