Chapter 475: Warning (Part One)

Stenson was directly taken to a special police emergency van, the inside of which was a dark temporary interrogation room.

When he was being cuffed up and brought inside to sit, an FBI agent with a beard looked at him sternly and said, “Do you know why I’ve brought you here?”

“I’m a lawyer, you are already breaking the law. No matter what my client did, I’m just a financial planner; you have no right to do anything to me. First of all, I didn’t commit any crime with the money under my control, and I will also press charges against your FBI guys for breaking my window and door.”

“Then let me tell you, your employer’s suspected of cheating to steal money from the casinos in Las Vegas. Have you wondered why your client has so much money? How did he obtain such an amount of money within such a short amount of time?”

“Las Vegas?” Stenson froze for a moment. Then, he giggled. “He’s indeed not simple. Amazing!”

The interrogator slapped the table and said, “Speak, who’s your client? I’ve seen your file, you have been out of a job for over five years because many people despise how you are a complete servant of capitalism. And now, you are working for this kind of person. You really are someone that loves money more than anything.”

“You know I’ve been despised and abandoned for so many years too, so you know how rare it is to have a boss that acknowledges me. Oh and, he gave me a raise again recently. Guess how much it is? 10 million dollars as an annual salary! You can work for your whole life and not make more than what I make a year, so let me ask you, if you were me, would you give up your boss to the FBI?”

“Are you refusing to cooperate?” The interrogator narrowed his eyes. “Do you know the consequences? We can easily arrest and sue you and your boss under the National Security and Stability Law.”

“I don’t mind getting arrested, but let me tell you, I’m loyal to my profession. Everyone can think I love money and don’t think of things from my clients’ perspective, when in fact, I am thinking in my clients’ shoes, and my job is to allow him to earn more money and create higher returns-on-investment for him. And I’m staying loyal to my boss, because I just need to do my job, and he will treat me well. So, I refuse to cooperate with you guys, but I will sue you guys for illegally arresting me!” Stenson finished, and he no longer spoke another word.

At this time, an agent came in and handed Stenson’s phone to the interrogator, “Boss, got it. There’s one guy in his call history that’s been popping up frequently in just the last month. It’s probably his boss, and also the culprit behind this case!”

The interrogator smiled at Stenson and said, “Sorry, I’m probably going to arrest your boss next. You are going to become unemployed again. Haha, I hate it when someone has a higher salary than me!”

Stenson snorted and didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go, we will find the real culprit behind this case.”

Xu Cheng just came out from Las Vegas and split the money with those guys, and his phone was tracked. Not long after, the FBI agents found him and cuffed him up.

“Sorry, you are suspected of being involved in a case of illegal gambling, please cooperate with us for an investigation.”

Xu Cheng calmly said, “Hello, Sir, I’ve never even been to the casino lately, are you sure you didn’t get the wrong guy?”

The captain of that team said, “Nope, it was you, your lawyer already gave you up.”

Xu Cheng smiled, and he felt assured now because that statement meant it wasn’t his lawyer that gave him up. After all, Stenson didn’t even know what he did. These guys revealed their own hand already. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng was taken away by another police car.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

At this time, Lin Dong in the distance directly called Saar.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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