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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 475.2

Chapter 475: Warning (Part Two)

“License plate: xxxx, police car, they got my teacher.”

Saar’s pupils contracted, and he immediately whispered something to the other three bosses.

The other three’s faces suddenly changed, and they nodded tacitly after exchanging a look.

Saar immediately texted the location and license plate to a number. 

During the process of being detained, Xu Cheng didn’t say a word.

The cop threatened him, “You think just by not talking, you can avoid a conviction? What are you smiling about?”

“I’m smiling about how the sinful place that is Las Vegas probably don’t have top-notch security. Have your driver be careful when he’s driving.”

Right as he finished that sentence, a private sedan suddenly flew out from a valley and directly ran into the cop car. Xu Cheng was sitting on the right side, and the agent that was talking to him was on the left side, the side that the sedan smashed into. Despite the cop car being strong enough to withstand the impact and the agent was wearing a seatbelt, he was smashed to the right and clashed right back to the left side due to the seat belt and the momentum, hitting the window and the door frame. He lost consciousness right away as his head was covered in blood.

The other agents in the car immediately got off of the car and aimed at the driver of that vehicle.

That driver very innocently put up his hand and shouted, “Didn’t you see my turn signal?”

Just then, a pickup truck ran straight into the second cop car that was escorting the first, not holding back at all. The people in the front seat were immediately sent into a coma. 

Those cops got out too and immediately fired a shot in the sky before aiming at the driver as they approached the vehicle. One of the officers dragged the driver out, and he immediately saw the cloudy eyes.

“Fack, he’s on drugs!” The officer pushed him against the vehicle and cuffed him up.

Just then, no one noticed that someone secretly went to the police cars and punctured the tires. The tires went flat right away, and both cars couldn’t move anymore. 

“Sh*t, keep an eye on the suspect,” the captain said to the other officers. Then, he was about to call for backup. 

But, he noticed that his communication system’s signal was blocked.


Just then, a large cargo truck began sounding its horn at the sight of the stopped cars that were blocking traffic.

“Did you not see that our tires went flat? Are you blind?” the captain shouted at the driver. He knew that those Mexicans here would always find ways to piss them off, and he became really furious.

The driver of the big truck’s driver didn’t care at all and just kept on sounding the horn, making the captain very irritated, and the captain began swearing at the truck driver, “Are you facking retarded? Can’t you just use another lane?”

The truck driver was obviously part of the group. At this time, he directly rammed the last police car to the side of the street, passed the first one, and drove off, leaving behind the cop car that was barely recognizable anymore. The officers were dumbfounded at the sight.

Xu Cheng was dragged off the car by two officers. He faintly smiled. “You guys aren’t going to make me walk back to the police station with you guys, huh?”

The captain immediately went to the side of the road to get a taxi. However, the taxi drivers in the area obviously knew the unspoken rules in the city. They obviously didn’t want to get involved when seeing even cop cars were facked like this, and they quickly drove off.

“I’m telling you, don’t try to escape or anything. We have reasons to arrest you for an investigation for this case.” The captain walked over and warned the nonchalant Xu Cheng. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Xu Cheng faintly smiled.

At this time, another car suddenly made a turn and ran straight at the captain that was just threatening Xu Cheng. The captain got caught completely off guard and was so scared that he couldn’t even move his body to dodge. But, that car was just threatening him as well, and it immediately swirled to another side and drove right past him.

The captain was sweating all over.

“Watch where you are standing, or I’m going to run you over, you r----d!” The driver gave him the middle finger as he shouted and drove off.

Those guys were really too wild.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Cap, what should we do? Do we really have to take him back to the station? I’m afraid that we can’t even leave this intersection alive…” The other officers already caught on that something was definitely off.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Right now, they were still fine, because they were still fairly friendly to Xu Cheng, but that series of events were all a warning to them, telling them to watch what they were doing. After all, the number of missing people or murder cases in Las Vegas were too many to count every year.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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