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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 476.2

Chapter 476: Firstly, Let Him Go. Secondly… (Part Two)

“You guys better not make trouble. If you want coverage for the damage, go to the FBI department to apply. We are handling a case right now.”

“Stop fooling around. If you guys would admit to our faults, would you still be called the FBI? Who doesn’t know that your department is stingy as fack and runs on a tight budget! Should’ve canceled your department a long time ago!”

The captain pointed his gun at him and threatened, “I’m telling you to not hinder our operation anymore.”

At this time, some reporters at the scene that was called over here immediately began recording.

The civilian that had a gun pointed at him immediately began shouting at the passerbys on the street, “Everyone, look, these are the guys that our tax money went to! Their guns are pointed towards us taxpayers, I’ve never seen an officer this amazing!”

“Captain, put down the gun!” At this time, the other officers whispered to the captain who was already blinded by rage. Things escalated way too quickly. In the M Nation, the citizens had absolute rights, and if anyone of their rights weren’t respected, it would cause a huge backlash. The West was particularly enthusiastic about protesting for their rights, they firmly did not allow the deprivation of what was rightfully theirs.

At this time, the captain’s signal finally came back to work, and he began to call for backup.

But now, they were completely surrounded by civilians.

But, whether the people here were all civilians was another story. All in all, the four gangs did sneak in a few of their own guys and would sneak in a few punches or kicks or so. And the agents obviously couldn’t just open fire at the crowd. The captain had a hot temper, and when he was kicked and punched, he couldn’t help but fight back.

But, that only enraged the crowd more, causing the event to intensify, and the six FBI agents were completely blocked off by the road, unable to move an inch.

When the backup arrived and used tear gas and flash grenades to disperse the crowd, the six officers all had bruises on their faces.

The local officers brought the agents into the ambulance, and Xu Cheng was taken away as well.

Then, the local government directly notified the White House, telling them to shorten the leash on their mad dogs to prevent them from running wild and instigating public hate towards the government. The cities and states all had their own government officials and the jurisdiction was not under the direct control of the White House. So, they had the right to appeal and accuse the FBI of misconduct towards the civilians during this operation. 

“What civilians! Those guys are all organized, they are most likely from those Mexican gangs!” the captain couldn’t help but yell to his boss.

The shouting was a bit too loud, it even caused the wound and bruises on his face to hurt again. 

“This time I told you to investigate first and then act, why did you directly go and arrest him? Even if it was that guy that had been the guy causing the casinos to lose money, do you have evidence that he broke the law? Just how much money did the casinos give you? Why are you breaking all the common protocols to work for them and go and directly arrest the suspect?”

Those questions immediately shut that captain up.

The boss snorted coldly, “Let that guy go.”

The captain’s eyes stared wide open. “It’s not enough to know that the remaining funds all went to his account?”

Boss: “So what? What evidence do you have that he didn’t win that money lawfully?”

Then, the captain’s higher-up directly took out a file and said, “Look, this is Senator Jerry’s complaint, saying that we severely damaged the government’s image, and he demands that our department be disbanded.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The captain’s eyes stared even wider.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“So, as for your actions for this operation, the higher-up already has a decision. Firstly, let him go. Secondly, you and your team are hereby all temporarily ‘sent on vacation’!”

“Fack!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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