Chapter 477: The Careless Assassin Alliance (Part One)

In fact, the casinos and the FBI indeed couldn’t do anything about the four mafias winning money and leaving with it. After all, they couldn’t find any evidence at all, so they had no choice but to watch them leave with the money they had won.

That was why they spent a lot of money on bribing Captain Henry, the one who had taken over this case. Then, he began to monitor the four mafia leaders and then find the ultimate culprit behind this. If necessary, he could even just kill him and clear up the problem from the root! After all, this wasn’t something that could be solved by the law, so they had to solve it the old-fashion way!

After the captain was “sent on vacation”, he packed up his stuff at the FBI office and directly went to the biggest casino in Las Vegas to look for Boss Peel. 

He knew that once he lost the FBI forces as his backup, he wouldn’t be able to stay in the M Nation anymore after getting himself involved in this. So, he decided to use the last chip in his hand to exchange for a big sum of money to prepare to move to another country.

Peel and Captain Henry met up at the nightclub inside the casino.

Henry originally wanted to include Xu Cheng into his report, but he gave up on that idea after he got fired.

So, he decided to use this information to exchange for some money with Peel.

“How are you doing?” that old man Peel smoked a cigar and asked.

Henry bitterly smiled. “What do you think? I got fired. You have to take full responsibility, you know that?”

Peel nodded. “And what about it? Did you find out who it was?”

Henry nodded. “10 million dollars!”

Peel frowned. “You are charging too much for this information.”

Henry: “Listen, Mr. Peel, using 10 million to exchange for the 300 million you guys lose every day, you think that’s expensive? You will lose at least 7-8 billion every month! Even if you have lots of black money to support the business, you are probably still running low, right? Over the past two months, you guys lost quite a bit, didn’t you? Don’t think that we don’t have your info at the FBI office. 10 million, or I will just get going. You know the four mafias won’t let me go at all. I can tell you the culprit behind this, and you just need to go to the Assassin Alliance to spend 5 million to get his head. Then, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore, am I right?”

Peel frowned. Henry indeed had a point.

Not counting the black income, the casinos in Las Vegas in total wouldn’t make more than 50 billion in profit. But, this time, those mafia guys would take away almost 10 billion every month! Two months and that was almost half of their legal income! Even though they had a lot of money-laundering businesses, the income still wouldn’t be enough to fill this big hole.

If this continued on, within no more than 6 months, at least 5 casinos in the city would declare bankruptcy!

The casinos had already tried all means possible, including firing a ton of the dealers and rehiring new ones, yet nothing helped the situation and sometimes even made it worse.

So, they thought about summoning the four mafias to the negotiation table, and upon witnessing their strong attitude, Peel and the others decided to take extreme measures against the person behind the scenes.

And that was to take care of him directly!

And who was the guy behind this whole thing? Henry could give them the information.

Now it seemed like they were just one step away from eradicating the root problem.

“Give me your account number,” Peel said to Henry.

Henry faintly smiled. After giving it to Peel and receiving the money, he handed a document bag to Peel.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, Henry put on his hat, shook his windbreaker, and left the casino. He went to the parking lot, and it was quite dark outside. He got into the car, and from the rearview window, he saw a black guy in the back seats.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Before he had the time to shout, a gun equipped with a silencer pumped a bullet into his head, splattering blood all over the steering wheel.

The black killer got off of the car.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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