Chapter 478: Mr. Xu, Give Me One More Chance (Part Two)

“It was me.” At this time, Xu Cheng said with a faint smile, “It’s not the washroom, it’s the air conditioning that has a problem. Can you guys fix it?”

The three assassins awkwardly said, “All the same.”

At this time, Stenson said in confusion, “Plumbing and fixing air conditioners are two different jobs, right? Are you guys sure you can do both?”

“Uhhh…” The three assassins felt like their cover was about to be blown.

One of the killers thought ‘Just fack it’, and after exchanging a look with the other two guys, he shouted. “What’s with so many questions!”

Then, he immediately took out a pistol from his toolbox and fired directly at Stenson.

After all, the target was already confirmed, and killing two more people just meant using two more bullets, no reason to not take care of loose ends.

When Stenson saw the guy pulling out the gun, his face was already pale white, and his body already lost the ability to move out of the way.

But at this moment, a figure suddenly floated in front of him. When the bullet fired out from the barrel, Xu Cheng nonchalantly reached out his arm. It was as if the bullet wasn’t a hot and fatal ball of lead, but a playful rubber ball that was thrown at him as he caught it between his fingers.


When the bullet shell dropped onto the ground, it made a noise that could be heard because it was just that quiet.

Dead silence.

Lin Dong’s eyes opened up wide!

Other than that fight with the North Gate leader, and that one time teaching the North Gate thugs a lesson, he hadn’t seen many other fights, nor did he have a clear concept of just how powerful his teacher really is. Even though Li Wei and Luo Yi always talked about how he didn’t deserve a teacher as good as Xu Cheng, Lin Dong still felt this teacher wasn’t one that was so out of his league that he would feel guilty of.

But at this moment, when he saw his teacher catching the bullet with his bare hands, Lin Dong’s worldview already shattered!

That’s the kind of feeling as if an atheist one day saw something so supernatural that it completely shattered all the common sense he had developed in the past. This kind of shocking feeling forced Lin Dong’s heart to beat violently!

His teacher just nonchalantly caught the bullet like this, so easily. Lin Dong didn’t even see the exact moment that bullet was caught, it was more like an instant switch of the picture with someone that just appeared in front of Stenson with the bullet already in his hand.

Stenson also looked at his boss dumbfoundedly, the boss that blocked the bullet for him.

And if those two guys’ eyes were more of shock and dumbfoundedness, those three assassins’ looks were more of shock and terror.

What the fack?

He just caught the bullet?

The assassin that fired that shot was still in disbelief and he lifted his hand and emptied the whole clip at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng’s hand moved in the air at a speed untrackable by the naked eye, and after a few seconds, he opened his palm, and all of the bullets fell to the ground.

“I just want to ask, how much is the bounty on my head?”
The assassins were dumbfounded. They all felt an unprecedented feeling of terror and were prepared to turn around and just run.(read on noodletowntranslateddot com to support the actual translators)

At this time, a guy floated in from the front door. With a dagger in hand, he immediately sliced those three assassins’ throats!(read on noodletowntranslateddot com to support the actual translators)

This person was none other than the assassin king that was late – Solo.

“Mr. Xu, I’m sorry, my men are too careless. Please give me another chance. To make up for this mistake, I’m willing to bring you the head of the person that placed the bounty on you!” Solo said. (read on noodletowntranslateddot com to support the actual translators)

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