Chapter 480: Acquiring Casinos (Part One)

Peel’s death shocked the entire Las Vegas casino industry.

That profile of Xu Cheng in his hand was also taken away from his dead body, and that was why no one ever found out about who killed him.

But, the rich and powerful getting targeted, it was pretty normal for something like this to happen in Las Vegas. It was just that with the recent years of corruption being cracked down upon, and plus the personal security teams being more professional, normally, the rich were pretty safe. That was why it was still a bit alarming to the police that someone of status and level of wealth as Peel would be killed this easily.

The police could do all the investigations they wanted. However, if a case executed by the king of assassins could be solved by them, then it wouldn’t be Solo anymore.

Peel’s son took over all of the projects under Peel’s name in the casino industry, but at that moment, all of the finances were in the red!

And from that moment, Xu Cheng began concentrating all his attacks on Peel’s casino, which was the biggest one in the city.

After a week, when Peel’s son put up all of the family assets as collateral to keep the casino going yet was still being gnawed by Xu Cheng, suffering a week of losses of 2.2 billion dollars, all casino establishments under Peel’s name in Las Vegas were temporarily closed.

Other than the hotel segments, they still remained in operation to earn some money.

At the same time, two other casinos also announced their closure. One was a newly-opened casino where the owner took out a loan to start it. It was directly sniped by Xu Cheng until the debtors chased the owner into despair and he directly declared bankruptcy. The other casino closed because the investors chose to withdraw their funding.

All in all, from the end of the year to the spring of that year of Xu Cheng’s arrival, those two seasons were called by the entirety of Las Vegas as the Black Seasons! Two-quarters of finance of the entire Las Vegas could only be described as tragic. 

Peel’s son wanted to use his dad’s connections to keep this casino running, so he tried to rectify the operations and went to financial institutions to get funding to prepare to open again.During the whole preparation stage, he went to Silicon Valley, and buying the highest level of technology available, he leveled-up all the equipment in the entire casino. For instance, the cards and dice rollers all used a special grade of material to prevent anyone from seeing through. They even increased the difficulty of most of their games to win more money from normal clients, which included letting professionals cheat at the table to win when the amount on the table was relatively large.

After re-opening for a week, various business conditions were all going great, and Peel’s son thought he was just too smart of a guy and actually solved the crisis. At this time, he wanted to take this opportunity when other competitors were weak to use his dad’s connections to get more funding. Many friends at Wall Street were all pretty interested, so they all began throwing in money.

When their wallets were full again, Xu Cheng came back to plunder again. It didn’t matter what kind of special aviation-grade materials or anti-cheat equipment they got going for them, he directly turned on his penetrating vision and ruthlessly turned the casino into a brutal slaughterhouse, figuratively. He lowered the betting amount, but he deployed 200 people at once so the winnings every day were a lot more than before. 

Within just five days, not even a week, the entire 1.5 billion funding that Peel’s son was able to get all went straight down the drain. Chased by the debt collectors, he was forced to put up the entire casino as collateral.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

But who would still dare to take over the casino at a time like this? Now, the entirety of Las Vegas was in a state of loss. The hotel projects were originally almost loss-leaders, where the rooms were super cheap to lure tourists in for them to spend tons of money at the casinos and retail stores. Without the casino, the overall revenue straight-up plummeted.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Peel’s son netted all the establishments in Las Vegas that were under his name, and he thought about selling them all as a bundle for 2 billion. If it was before, they wouldn’t even sell it for 5 billion.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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