Chapter 482: A Genius Hacker (Part Two)

“You love your country?’ Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes and asked. 

“Love?” Rich sneered. “If I did, why wouldn’t I have gone to work for them? If the law can bind me, then I wouldn’t have been a hacker. The true top-tier hackers despise being recruited. In the online world, we are our own kings, and we guard our own territory, no one else can point fingers and tell us what to do.”

Xu Cheng: “If I give you another five years, what do you want to do?”

A zealous look flashed in Rich’s eyes. “I want to hack into the defense systems of all the world’s powers, whether it’s the M Nation, or other countries. Only hackers like us can get to know the dirty secrets behind those politicians and the government. I want to prove my worth before I die! Someone once hacked the entire M Nation’s internet for 10 minutes, costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars, and thus left his great name in the hacker world forever. I want to do something crazy before I die too!”

Xu Cheng smiled. 

“Your idea interests me.”

Rich froze briefly. “Does that mean you are willing to save me?”

Xu Cheng wasn’t in a hurry to promise him. He asked, “I have a plan, do you think it’s feasible? Every company has a company database, and countries have a national database which is called the National Defense Security database. Then, do you think it’s possible to have a global database in this world?”

Rich’s pupils contracted slightly. “Yes! It’s just not perfected yet. Over the years, the CIA, MI6, and the other intel networks have all been trying to construct one, but no one can complete it.”

Xu Cheng asked, “Can you then?”

Rich: “I can’t. But I think one guy can, but it’s unfortunate.”

Light flashed past Xu Cheng’s eyes. “Who?”

Rich: “My teacher. He taught me everything I know in the world of hacking.”

Xu Cheng: “Are you really skilled?”

Rich: “If I were to compare myself with my teacher, I’m definitely inferior. But personally, I can go back and forth quite a few rounds with the hackers that work for the CIA. I’m not afraid to tell you these things, because I’m about to die anyway.”

Xu Cheng: “I want to see your teacher.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Rich: “If you want him to pick up the keyboard again, it’s impossible.”

Xu Cheng: “Why?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Rich: “Because both of his arms were amputated already.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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