Chapter 484: You Want to Be a Dictator? (Part One)

– At Xu Cheng’s villa – 

Rich and his teacher sat on the sofa and looked at Xu Cheng relaxingly sitting across from them. 

“How should I address you?” Xu Cheng asked Rich’s teacher.


“Good name.” Xu Cheng smiled. “Who named you that?”

“Myself.” Caesar said, “I forgot my previous name, so I gave myself a new one. I also use this for my online handle.”

“Caesar?” On the side, Stenson said, wondering, “I’ve heard that name from somewhere. It feels like a long time ago.”

Caesar smiled. “We are a group that was eliminated, it’s normal that the young hackers nowadays don’t know us. Back then when the internet just became popular, there was not much that hackers could do. After all, back then, it didn’t have much commercial value. Back then, the online world wasn’t as capable nor had too much information, and with the lack of sense in online security, there also weren’t as many skilled hackers. Back then, hackers couldn’t really do much, so it’s normal that the hackers nowadays don’t respect the older generation hackers or remember our name. They feel that only during an era like now with skilled cyber police and programming experts guarding and perfecting security measures, those hackers that can still stir sh-t up are true masters.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

Caesar looked at Xu Cheng and said, “I already said what I should say. If you think there’s something I can help you with, please let me know and save my student.”

Xu Cheng said, “Mr. Rich, I have limited resources, how about you pick one? Do you want me to recover his hands, or cure your cancer?”

Rich: “How confident are you in saving my teacher?”

Xu Cheng: “60%.”

Rich: “Please save my teacher!”

“Rich!” Caesar stopped Rich’s request with a deep voice and sighed as he said, “I’m just someone that got eliminated in this era.”

“Teacher, no one knows more than me how eager you want to have a pair of hands again to use a keyboard. I can feel that whenever you instructed me to code, you were always thinking that it wasn’t as perfectly executed as you would have done, because I didn’t learn everything from you yet! You had been dreaming for so long to be able to get your revenge, I don’t want that to be your regret for the rest of your life!”

Xu Cheng was quite interested as he smiled at Caesar and asked, “Can I hear your story?”

Rich said, “Have you heard of the organization called CARO? It’s a virus research organization, and there were five members in its first generation roster. Back then, they had a full-on war against the entire silicon valley in the online world. Then, this organization won, but they broke the law! Four of them decided to surrender, but the stubborn, rebellious and prideful leader refused to surrender himself to work for the government. So, he was betrayed by the other four members, but what was most unacceptable to him was… the people that betrayed him, in the end, was his family! They did it for the huge bounty that was on his head!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Already numb about this whole experience, Caesar just sat there and didn’t say a word.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Rich continued to say, “Those four members later all became entrepreneurs, and now each of their companies has a market value of more than tens of billions! They became legends on Wall Street, but back then, they threw my teacher under the bus and even amputated his arms! Not allowing him to touch the keyboard for the rest of his life!”

Xu Cheng frowned. “Why amputate his arms?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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