Chapter 486: Living Up Until Now, Do You Feel Like Your Life Is Worth It? (Part One)

On the plane, Xu Cheng just realized that he had left Huaxia for more than three months now.

He also didn’t expect the old man’s health to deteriorate this fast.  

Although he didn’t know the old man for long, that old man was very kind and treated him like his own grandson, and he was an interesting fella too.

The last old man that Xu Cheng felt was interesting was his teacher, Zhang Chenfeng. Xu Cheng felt that no matter what, he had to make a trip back to see the old man.

Those that were old were particularly more nostalgic, especially when they felt that their time was about to be up. Old Man Ye really missed Xu Cheng.

Maybe it was because Xu Cheng was the only one in this generation that he admired. He often felt that the other youngsters in this generation were quite useless and were a bunch of cowards, and it was mainly due to the miles-apart difference when they were compared to Xu Cheng.

He really liked Xu Cheng, and it was obvious to him that this kid was destined for great things.

Xu Cheng’s temper was also especially favored by the old man because he was a man with more actions than words. Plus, Xu Cheng was also the descendant of the Ye Family’s bloodline, so he regarded him as his grandson. During the three months that Xu Cheng was gone, he felt his life was especially boring. His condition had been getting worse and worse, and resting on the bed, he told Ye Xiu to tell that brat Xu Cheng to come back and see him one last time.

Outside the Ye Family courtyard, rows of cars were parked out at the front.

Three of the top doctors in Western medicine and Eastern medicine all came, and they were busying about in Elder Ye’s bedroom.

The doctor of Western medicine were monitoring the oxygen levels to help maintain the old man’s current condition.

The Eastern medicine doctor was giving him a full-body massage to relieve the pain caused by the illness.

Elder Ye’s eyes appeared to be slightly in a daze, unable to concentrate. He was breathing quickly, feeling like he wouldn’t be able to catch his next breath any second. Right now, he was already in critical condition.

The other four elders all came, and they all sat by the bed and patted his body to try to encourage him to fight back at the illness.

Many senior officials and powerful characters in the nation were all here as well, and they were all in solemn expression. After all, another predecessor was about to pass away, and everyone mourned. These were all the founding cornerstones of the country, each of them lost was a great tragedy to the nation.

Minister Ye, his wife, and Ye Xiu were all in a heavy mood, especially Ye Xiu. He was still afraid to face reality. He didn’t dare to go into the room and just sat in the yard and cried. On the side, the other juniors were comforting him.

At this moment, Ye Xiu’s phone rang. After picking it up, he directly ran towards the front gate. Xu Cheng was stopped by the guards and wasn’t allowed to go in, and Ye Xiu immediately scolded the guards and led him into the front yard of the Ye Manor.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The yard was already full of people and seeing Ye Xiu bringing in a youngster, a few guys weren’t even planning to move out of the way.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Little Xiu, you are still in the mood to greet your friend at a time like this?” a middle-aged senior scolded him.

“Uncle Chen, I don’t have time to talk to you. My grandpa ordered to see him,” Ye Xiu said as he dragged Xu Cheng into the room.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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