Chapter 488: Hell Is Too Scary, I Think I Will Pass for Now (Part One)

The three doctors immediately came forward to check on the old man’s breath and heartbeat. 

In the end, the doctors put down all kinds of equipment and said, “Elder Ye has passed away. Right now, it’s 10:11 AM.”

They began to record down notes and put together the results and the report.

The other four elders sighed heavily on the side, and they solemnly performed the military salute toward the old man.

Minister Ye’s wife brought over a set of military uniforms that Elder Ye wore when he was appointed the commander back in the days to change it onto him.

Xu Cheng sat there blankly, hesitating to leave.

Ye Xiu dragged him and said, “Let’s go, leave this to my mom. She’s going to change Grandpa’s clothes now.”

Elder Ye’s death greatly weakened the Ye Family, but there was no other way, and every family would face this kind of problem. In the future, the focus of the Ye Family could only be placed on Minister Ye.

Xu Cheng suddenly turned around, and when everyone was not paying attention, he still put the needle back onto the old man’s body and injected it into Elder Ye’s wrist.

Seeing this action, the four elders felt that this was disrespectful to the deceased and all began to scold Xu Cheng. “What are you doing, Xu Cheng!”

“He’s my elder, an elder that’s related by blood, so I obviously won’t harm him. It’s hard to come across someone that appreciates me, I don’t want him to die this early.”

As he finished talking, the serum was completely injected into the body.

The three doctors all looked at Minister Ye and the others and said, “Commanders… he…”

The four old men waved their hands. “You guys go out first, just write whatever you were going to write on the report, and we will handle the rest.”

The death report of a character like Elder Ye had to be extremely detailed. For instance, they even had to record down the time every time Elder Ye took his medicine or received any injection, as one mistake was enough to offend the high officials. So, these doctors were also in a difficult spot. 

The three doctors gave Xu Cheng an ugly glance and left.

When there was only the Minister Ye couple, Ye Xiu, Xu Cheng, and the four elders left in the room, the four elders immediately glared at Xu Cheng. “Are you done causing trouble? If you are gonna go crazy, just do it outside of this country! When you are back, you should behave yourself!”

Xu Cheng ignored the four elders as he opened his penetrating vision and watched to see if the serum was traveling through the old man’s internal organs.

The serum already began to travel through the bloodstream. 

Xu Cheng didn’t turn to look at them and just replied, “If something goes wrong, I’m willing to take responsibility! Even if I will be cursed by the entire nation! I know that if this gets out, I would be a sinner scolded by everyone, I will just take it!”

“Can you shoulder it?” Elder Zhou was trying hard to suppress his fury as he slammed the table and sighed, “This puts you in a position no different than a national sinner, you know that? I can’t tolerate you doing this to Big Brother Ye’s body, even if he agreed for you to do this!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng directly said, “Just give me 20 minutes, okay? After 20 minutes, you guys can make me do whatever, and I won’t refute it.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

He then turned around to look at Ye Xiu’s family and said sincerely, “Please give me one chance, give the old man a chance. Auntie Ye, later on you can slap me or scold me, I will take it all, but right now it’s the best time to treat the old man.”

What else could Ye Xiu say? In fact, he really wanted to go up and punch Xu Cheng. No one would want to see their seniors die and then have the corpse be mistreated. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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