Chapter 492: Acknowledging to be Goddaughter (Part One)

The news about Elder Ye coming back from the dead spread like wildfire among the top officials and the upper-class circle.

The officials and upper-class circle all knew about Elder Ye and the other elders. Among the elders, Elder Ye had been tortured by the injuries he had suffered during the war, and along with his aging body, it was already no secret that he probably wouldn’t be able to make it past this winter. When everyone was preparing for the nation-class funeral, they heard that a junior of Elder Ye came back from abroad, and then Elder Ye basically miraculously recovered and didn’t even need a wheelchair anymore!

Some of the older guys were even going over to ask the three doctors that tended Elder Ye, and they were confused as well. But one thing they did confirm was that the patient who they couldn’t treat miraculously recovered in the hands of that young man!

The old man was also entertaining the guests that came to visit him, and the sight of how energetic he was and how great of a mood he was in directly shocked the guests that saw how he was on his deathbed just a few days ago. 

Then, the news of Xu Cheng curing Elder Ye began spreading like wildfire, and if it weren’t for him living at the Ye Family mansion for the time being, the number of people that would visit him would’ve probably broken his house’s doorstep.

The rich and powerful in Yan Jing still sent requests to invite Xu Cheng out for meals, but even then, Xu Cheng just straight up refused. If it were someone else acting this way, always rejecting would give off a negative vibe like he was acting like an arrogant big shot. But, that wasn’t the case with Xu Cheng, because his ability made him basically the most precious thing ever.

He was the only youngster in this generation that all five elders praised, and most importantly, he single-handedly saved Elder Ye from death when the top doctors all gave up!

Even if the people get annoyed with Xu Cheng constantly rejecting them, they would still have to respect Xu Cheng and not show any emotions. After all, going up against the savior of the Ye Family would basically be courting death.

Now, in the circle of the rich and powerful in Huaxia, Xu Cheng was as popular as fried chicken.

The second-generation big shots of the Zhou Family, Nie Family, Xing Family, and Guo Family all personally gave Xu Cheng a call and greeted him warmly, asking about this and that, and Xu Cheng knew their intentions. They wanted Xu Cheng to be able to help boost their old men’s lives for a couple of years too when needed.

Xu Cheng would obviously do that. To be honest, these five elders were basically his strongest support and shield in Huaxia, and he definitely hoped that they could live for as long as they could. More importantly, he treasured them because they knew what he wanted and they also understood him.

So, he told Lin Dong to temporarily ship the lab equipment in the M Nation over. He thought it would still be best if he could get the medicine out before he left the country again. That way, no matter how big of a sh=tstorm he stirs up in the outside world, he could always have a complete home to come back to when he gets back to take shelter.

“Teacher, someone from a hospital came to look for you, and I said you weren’t here. They wanted to go to Huaxia to look for you.” Lin Dong said, “It’s Dr. George of something.”

“Just say I’m busy.” Xu Cheng said, “I won’t be going back for a bit, so take care of the stuff there as you see fit, and also stay in contact with Luo Yi and Li Wei.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Alright, I got it, Teacher,” Lin Dong said. “But I’m afraid that I can’t clear the customs for those pieces of lab equipment that you are sending back.”

“No worries, I got it.” As Xu Cheng hung up, he said to Ye Xiu who was brushing his teeth not far away from him. “Little Xiu, I have some lab equipment that’s coming in from the M Nation, I’m gonna need you to clear it for me at customs.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng hadn’t used the equipment in Huaxia so he thought it was easier to just transport his tools from the M Nation. After all, he didn’t have too much time to spend on this, and he was already used to the machines back in his lab. Besides, he had to be very careful with making the serums since it was for his four grandpas, and he didn’t want to risk it by using machines he wasn’t familiar with.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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