Chapter 492: Acknowledging to be Goddaughter (Part Two)

“Piece of cake.” Ye Xiu rinsed his mouth and wiped it dry. “Whatever you want, just say the word and I will take care of it for you.”

Xu Cheng smiled. “I want to go back to Shangcheng.’

Ye Xiu immediately rejected it. “Nah, that won’t work. Grandpa already said to make you stay in Yanjing for longer.”

Speaking of this, Ye Xiu sincerely looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Big Brother Cheng, to be honest, I’m very thankful that you saved my grandpa.”

“No need to say more. I just know that I get along with the old man really well and that’s why I saved him. The Ye Family doesn’t owe me anything.” Xu Cheng said, “I guess I’m saying that you should just treat it as me paying for letting me stay and eat at your place for this period.”

“You can leech off of me for this entire lifetime then,” Ye Xiu smiled and said, “No worries!”

Just then, the guard came in with a lady, and that lady was none other than Auntie Lan.

She brought over a lot of clothing and daily necessities for Xu Cheng’s temporary return, and coming into the front yard, she first bowed and greeted the old man in the courtyard. “Hello, Elder Ye.”

Speaking of hierarchy in the big Ye Family, Elder Ye held a high status at the Ye Family main branch as well, and for Auntie Lan who was a servant, it was natural for her to kneel to greet.

But as Auntie Lan was about to get on her knees, the old man pursed his lips. “No need for this kind of formality, the main branch is already dead and we aren’t in a feudal period.” 

Auntie Lan nodded and smiled. “Then I will go in and bring Young Master his clothes.”

Xu Cheng gestured to Auntie Lan the direction of his room, and Auntie Lan went in to set things up. Xu Cheng followed Ye Xiu to the old man’s beloved big tree at the middle of the courtyard and sat on the chairs below the tree. Ye Xiu’s mom was also sitting there making tea for the old man. Seeing Auntie Lan coming out of his room, Xu Cheng called her over to sit and have a chat.

Auntie Lan walked over, and seeing that both Minister Ye’s wife and Elder Ye were there, she didn’t dare to sit nor was she qualified. So, she naturally stood on the side.

Xu Cheng looked at her and said, “Have a seat, why are you still standing?”

Auntie Lan awkwardly looked at Elder Ye and Ye Xiu’s mom.

Ye Xiu’s mom was very attentive to the detail and she smiled at Auntie Lan. “Little Cheng’s inviting you to sit, just sit down.”

Auntie Lan finally smiled and carefully sat down.

But, who knew, at this moment, Xu Cheng solemnly said to Elder Ye, “Old Man, you want me to acknowledge you as my grandpa, that can be done. But first, I need to introduce to you, this one. She’s not the servant Lan Ting from the Ye Family, she’s my auntie.”

Auntie Lan’s body shook as she almost couldn’t believe that the young master was bold enough to say that so directly and openly. Although this was his way of protecting her, it was also challenging the old man’s authority.

“You brat, you think you are getting the short end of the stick by becoming my grandson?” Elder Ye puffed out some smoke and glared at Xu Cheng.

Thinking about it, he pursed his lips. “Fine, since you did me this big favor of allowing me to now smoke and drink to my heart’s content, I will just beg for you to be my grandson, is that what you want? Also, don’t be so quick to assume that I’m prejudiced against her. Otherwise, you think she could come into the courtyard this easily?”

Then, the old man looked at Auntie Lan and said, “I don’t have a daughter. Lan Ting, do you want to be my goddaughter from now? In the future, just throw away the servant last name that the Ye Family gave you, take my surname, Ye, and be called Ye Ting.”

(I guess to avoid confusion, the author still kept it Auntie Lan) 

Ye Xiu’s mom smiled. “Sister Lan, I heard Little Cheng say that you are great at making tea, you must show us a hand today.”

Auntie Lan was first dumbfounded, but then she finally came to the realization. With red and teary eyes, she immediately kneeled onto the floor. “Yes, I’m willing to!”

She hurriedly got up and began making tea, and then handing one over to the old man, she said, “Dad, have some tea.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The old man laughed. He took the cup over and took a sip. “Not bad!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Auntie Lan looked at Xu Cheng with infinite gratitude.

Xu Cheng felt that the best thing he could give Auntie Lan was to get her to be accepted into the Ye Family and be given this identity with pride. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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