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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 493.2

Chapter 493: The Reincarnated Hua Tuo Kick! (Part Two)

For each floor going up, the bottom limit for spending per person also went up, and Zhou Xiaoming and the others took Xu Cheng directly to the highest floor – the eighth floor. 

The food here was all carefully picked delicate and luxurious dishes, and those that chose to dine on the eighth floor were mainly in the top 1% of society, or government officials welcoming high-level guests. Of course, mostly, it was the rich people that came here often, and each meal could easily go up to a couple dozen thousand yuan (a couple of thousand dollars), and that didn’t include those expensive drinks.

The waiter saw the car keys and the way the five young masters were dressed and knew right away that they probably came from big backgrounds. Thus, they were very friendly and professional. 

Ye Xiu passed the menu to Xu Cheng since he was the main character today.

Xu Cheng hadn’t really had anything expensive to eat in a long time. Even after he got filthy rich, he didn’t really have the time to enjoy the food that the wealthiest 1% enjoyed. Since he was here today, he definitely wouldn’t be holding back. He ordered eight of the signature dishes here for the six of them.

Zhou Xiaoming ordered two bottles of Lafite that were worth tens of thousands of yuan.

“Oh sh-t, I forgot to bring over the alcohol the old man had at home. Those are the real deals,” Xu Cheng said a bit regrettably. Rather than red wine, he preferred hard liquor more.

“I brought it,” Nie Wenbo laughed and said. Then, he took out a bottle of special-supply Maotai Baijiu (TL notes: ones that were only made for high-level government officials), and he grinned towards Xu Cheng, “You see my sincerity now? Is this enough?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Yeah, enough.”

“Holy crap, Old Nie, your old man back at home is helping you out to this degree?” Zhou Xiaoming couldn’t help but exclaim.

At this time, the waiter interrupted them, “My apologies, Sir, here we don’t allow outside drinks.”

Nie Wenbo put the bottle onto the table and said, annoyed, “Do you have this liquor here? If you do, give me three bottles and I will put this away. If you don’t then just stop bothering us, we only enjoy hard liquor like this.”

“Then I will go and check for you, Sir,” the waiter said and actually turned around and went to ask the manager.

“Idiot,” Nie Wenbo murmured.

Not long after, seeing that they opened the drink, the manager and waiter walked over, and the manager said, “I’m sorry, gentlemen, we really can’t allow outside drinks in here… We also have hard liquor here, how about I recommend some to yo-”

But before he could finish, he saw the special supply label on the baijiu and his face slightly changed. Then, putting on a grin, he said, “No worries, never mind. Enjoy your meal, let us know if you need anything else!”

Then, he dragged the waiter away and left.

Nie Wenbo first filled Xu Cheng’s cup, and then everyone else. Then, they all raised their cup and solemnly toasted to Xu Cheng, “About the previous incident that troubled you, Big Brother Cheng, please forgive us. We are all the same big family now, so in the future, we will all look after each other. Here in Yanjing, Big Brother Cheng, just say the word if you ever need anything, and we will all do everything we can. You are also our grandpa’s grandson now; then following the rules, you are older than us, we will all call you Big Brother Cheng from now on.”

Zhou Xiaoming nodded and said, “Just like you said last time, Big Brother Cheng, we will drink this cup and leave the old conflicts in the past, what do you say?”

Xu Cheng smacked his lips and didn’t refuse it or act like a big shot. “Alright, cheers.”

The other four were delighted to see how quick Xu Cheng agreed to bury the hatchet, so they all laughed. “Cheers!”

The six of them clicked their glasses in the middle and then drank it all in one go.

Wiping his mouth, Ye Xiu grinned and said, “This time you guys aren’t going to separate from the club, right?”

The other four shook their heads. “We are 100% convinced by Big Brother Cheng’s capabilities. Last time, we just couldn’t swallow our pride, that’s all. But up until two days ago, that kick from Big Brother Cheng, that made us 200% convinced and shoved our pride right down our throat.”

Guo Rong nodded and echoed. “Yeah, Big Brother Cheng, that kick of yours immediately kicked the sanity back into Elder Ye. You don’t even know, now everyone that witnessed that fight had been calling it the Mighty Kick of the Reincarnated Hua Tuo!” 

(TL note: Hua Tuo was one of the most famous doctors in Chinese history)

Zhou Xiaoming: “Yeah, you also don’t know man, there were so many single ladies at the scene that day that fell for you because of that handsome kick. My two little sisters both told me to ask you if you have time to have a meal with them.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Pshh!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng didn’t fully swallow that baijiu yet and now completely spouted it out. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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