Chapter 494: Meeting Shen Yao Again (Part One)

Same restaurant, same 8th floor, but the difference was that on a table behind Xu Cheng’s table, there was a beautiful and sexy woman with curly hair and high heels sitting there. She watched as the man sitting in front of her talked and talked, yet she wasn’t interested in engaging in the conversation at all.

This was a story where the beautiful daughter’s rich dad couldn’t offend the son of some high-level government official and had no choice but to send the daughter to this blind date. 

And this rich dad’s beautiful daughter was none other than Shen Yao who had just changed into a new outfit after getting off of her shift on the plane!

Shen Wansan’’s business had expanded to Yan Jing, yet Yan Jing’s waters were a lot deeper than Shangcheng, and the first thing Shen Wansan could do was to try and get some directions.

So, this so-called young master was very interested in Shen Yao, and he told Shen Wansan that he would help take care of all the troubles in the Shen Family’s way and help them root themselves into Yanjing. But, the condition was obviously to allow him to court Miss Shen. Since he seemed to be a handsome and nice guy, and plus he came from a big background, Shen Wansan didn’t see why not and thus silently agreed.

Shen Wansan could compromise, but Shen Yao wouldn’t.

“There are all kinds of people here at Yanjing. Even though Shangcheng has more rich families, there are a group of people even more powerful here than the people that are just rich, and they are people that have official backgrounds and connections. The moment you come to Yanjing, you will really have to rely on connections and favors, and just this layer alone cannot be as easily solved if you just have money. Since your family wants to venture into Yanjing, listen to me, you really will need me to guide the way,” the man in front of her said.

Shen Yao smiled. “Is it reliable?”

The man grinned. “I don’t know what you mean by that. Maybe Uncle Shen hasn’t properly introduced me to you yet. Just take a look at the group of guys sitting behind us, they don’t even have proper postures and manners, and they are so loud. Let me tell you, these guys will sooner or later offend some people and get into trouble.”

Shen Yao followed the direction that man hinted with his eyes, and she just happened to glance past Xu Cheng’s back image. But, she didn’t recognize him right away. Xu Cheng had his back towards her, so he also didn’t know that this woman with long and slim legs and curly hair was Shen Yao. Maybe fate just really liked to tease people.

“There were many rich families’ young masters that came to Yanjing from Shangcheng, and they didn’t pay attention to their manners in public and were too loud, so they were rectified by our people. What happened next? They had to crawl back to us to apologize! We might not have more money than them, but that’s only because we didn’t want to make that much money. People like us have so many connections that we can name someone easily and his background would scare people to death, so what if people only have a lot of money? Yao-Yao, how about I take you to meet some people here at Yanjing? I think they will be a huge help for Uncle Shen’s business.”

“It’s not necessary. I just flew here for a day and I’m flying out of the country tomorrow. I don’t have much time and I need to go back and rest now. If you could excuse me, you should enjoy your meal; I will take my leave first.” Shen Yao felt that this guy was alright in the beginning, but later on when he began to brag, she couldn’t take it anymore. Looking at how anxious he was, it didn’t look like he was taking her to meet some big-shot friends. Even if he was, he was most likely bringing her to the clubs or something. She didn’t feel the need to entertain people like this, so she just got up and was about to leave.

This man directly got up and put himself in her way. “Why are you in such a rush to leave? Uncle Shen already told me to take care of you and treat you well in Yanjing, just do me a favor and let’s finish this meal first. Let’s not make it difficult for everyone.”

“Sorry, I’m really tired today, let’s talk another day,” Shen Yao said as she took out a card from her purse. “Waiter, bill.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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