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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 494.2

Chapter 494: Meeting Shen Yao Again (Part Two)

Then, she turned around and said, “Young Master Wang, enjoy the meal.”

Then, as she was about to leave, Young Master Wang suddenly grabbed onto Shen Yao by the wrist, and Shen Yao instinctively tried to flip it away. “Let go!”

But, Young Master Wang grabbed on very tightly. “Be grateful when I give you face! Your dad wants to do business, but he didn’t teach you how to socialize?”

Shen Yao habitually swung her arm and gave him a slap in the face.


The whole floor heard this loud slap, and that obviously included Xu Cheng’s table. But, from his angle, he could only see the slender sexy back image of Shen Yao. So, he didn’t take it seriously and went back to drinking baijiu and eating the delicious food at his table.

But then, more arguments sounded from that table.

“You wh0re! You dare to hit me?” Young Master Wang covered the side of his face that got hit and looked at Shen Yao in burning rage. “You are the first woman that dares to disrespect me like this! Do you know what the consequence is? If it isn’t because your dad has some foundations back in Shangcheng, I would’ve already toyed with you to death, you know that? You think you can just do whatever you want just because your family’s got money? I will show you, money means sh-t in Yanjing!” 

“I didn’t have this thought before, but now I think it was indeed a mistake to eat with you. Goodbye, hopefully, see you never!” Shen Yao said, and she turned around and stormed off.

When Shen Yao got to the elevator, she found Young Master Wang’s two lackeys were blocking her way. 

Behind her, Young Master Wang arrogantly said, “Leave? Do you think you can leave this place as you wish? Shen Yao, you didn’t listen to what I just said? I told you, you have to be careful when you do anything in Yanjing. Do you even dare to question my reliability? Let me tell you today then, this is the reason your dad came to me for help, you know that? In fact, I really admire you. Just be my woman, and I promise you that your dad’s business will become a lot bigger than now!”

Young Master Wang was quite loud, and Xu Cheng also had good hearing. He didn’t pay attention earlier, but after that slap, Xu Cheng paid a bit of attention and caught onto the name “Shen Yao”.

With the tooth-pick in his mouth, he was pretty much done eating. Subconsciously turning around, he saw the tall Shen Yao in high heels standing by the elevator.

This world was indeed too small.

“That guy that’s shouting and yelling, do you guys know him?” Looking at the arrogant Young Master Wang who was acting like he ran this city, he asked Xu Cheng and the others.

As Ye Xiu shoved food into his mouth, he glanced at that Young Master Wang and snorted. “His dad’s at the city business bureau.”

Xu Cheng smiled.

Now it was not surprising that Shen Yao’s dad was sucking up to this guy. 

Xu Cheng patted Ye Xiu on the shoulder and said, “Little Xiu, I know that woman. Go take care of it, no loose ends.”

Ye Xiu nodded. “Alright.”

Then, he took a big gulp of the delicious soup and satisfyingly wiped his mouth with the napkin. Then, he walked over.

“Wang Laoji, why are you shouting and yelling in public? Do you think this place is run by your family? Or are you thinking that if the people that run this place dares to tell to quiet down, you will tell your dad to revoke their business license? You are so almighty, kidnapping women in broad daylight? Does your dad know about this too?”

The people who were powerful enough to make fun of Young Master Wang had a nickname for him, which was Wang Laoji. (TL Note: it’s the name of a herbal drink in China, his actual name is something else) He turned around and when he saw Ye Xiu, his face directly changed and he put on a big smile. “Young Master Ye? You… what brought you here?”

“I took my big brother here for a meal, why? Looking at how almighty you are acting to be, how about you bring me along and show off with you?” Ye Xiu mockingly glanced at him. 

“How would I dare to show off in front of you? Wouldn’t I be the biggest idiot? I’m just here with a chick. She didn’t know the rules, so I’m just teaching him a lesson,” Young Master Wang said.

Ye Xiu looked at Shen Yao who was stuck in a difficult sport, so he said to her, “Beauty, if I give you a chance right now to choose, do you want to go with this guy or with me? I promise you that if you pick me, he won’t give you any more trouble.”

Shen Yao crossed her arms and said in disdain, “You two are all jackals of the same tribe, bunch of perverted jacka$$es. I’d rather jump out of the window.”

Ye Xiu laughed. “You are indeed a woman that could befriend Big Brother Cheng. Interesting haha, just lacking a bit of aura and battle power in comparison to Sis-in-Law.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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