Chapter 495: Your Boyfriend Sucks (Part One)

Hearing that Ye Xiu was going to participate too, Young Master Wang’s face suddenly changed. “Young Master Ye, are… are you serious? Sh-she… she’s my girlfriend.”

“She’s your girlfriend?” Ye Xiu raised his brows.

Young Master Wang didn’t want the meat that was already by his mouth to be snatched away, so he smiled and said, “Yeah, but if you want to have some fun, I will invite you to the club later tonight!”

“Who’s your girlfriend?!” Shen Yao scolded Young Master Wang. “I will rather date a hobo than date you!”

Then, she also glared at Ye Xiu. “And you!”

Ye Xiu grinned. “Rest assured, I wouldn’t dare to like you, and he wouldn’t dare too!”

Then, Ye Xiu looked over at Young Master Wang and said, “Wang Laoji, just go. Don’t make it difficult for this woman, and stay away from her in the future.”

“Young Master Ye…” Wang Laoji was getting a bit anxious. 

Ye Xiu’s face darkened. His tone changed as one of his brows lifted. “You don’t understand the language I’m using?”

Young Master Wang’s two lackey friends obviously recognized Ye Xiu too and they immediately came to Young Master Wang’s side and dragged him away as they said in a low voice, “What are you doing, Old Wang? Let’s not cause trouble. At a time like this, shouldn’t we get the fack out right now?”

Wang Laoji whispered back, “What the fack is this? Shouldn’t it be first-come-first-serve? I’ve had my eyes on this woman for many years! Many years!”

“Young Master Ye, you shouldn’t do this… She really is my girlfriend.” Young Master Wang awkwardly smiled. Then, walking to Shen Yao’s side, he warned by her ear in a low voice, “You can say no, but if your dad wants to move his business to Yanjing, then let me tell you, he’s screwed!”

Shen Yao paused for a moment.

She didn’t have to entertain this Young Master Wang, and she didn’t have to compromise her future happiness, but she also shouldn’t cause trouble for her family.

Just when she was stuck in a tough situation, Xu Cheng came over with a toothpick in his mouth and smiled at Shen Yao as he said, “Woah, Young Madam Shen, when did you stoop this low? Going on an arranged date?”

Seeing Xu Cheng walking over, Shen Yao was shocked. She watched him in a daze.

They hadn’t seen each other for a year, ever since she left Xu Cheng her number that time at the airport. This man really could go a whole year without calling!

Looking at the way Shen Yao was looking at Xu Cheng, Ye Xiu could almost be certain that there was some next-level Korean drama plot between those two. He looked over at Xu Cheng with a smug smile, ready to watch the show.

Hearing Xu Cheng’s mockery, Shen Yao chuckled sarcastically, “Yeah, I couldn’t even deal with a certain grade of man, so being the failure I am, I could only resort to arranged dates.”

Xu Cheng smiled and said, “The Shen Yao I know would never compromise.”

Shen Yao glared at him. “You talk like you really know me. Then sorry to disappoint you, this is how I am.”

“Oh yeah?” Xu Cheng faintly said, “Then you guys continue.”

Then, he walked past Shen Yao and the others.

Ye Xiu and the others glanced at Wang Laoji and followed Xu Cheng out. 

Seeing this, Young Master Wang was super delighted and let out a slight sigh of relief.

Just then, when Xu Cheng was about to go into the elevator, with her back towards them, Shen Yao suddenly opened her mouth and shouted, “Xu Cheng, you azz! You won’t even do it when you are given the chance to be the hero who saves the beauty? I, Shen Yao, am just that uncharming in comparison to Chuxue?”

Then, Shen Yao looked at the other men on the floor and said, “Who’s coming to save me? I will sleep with him tonight!”

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