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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 496.2

Chapter 496: Would be Nice If You Didn’t Have a Girlfriend (Part Two)

But, how Young Master Wang behaved really embarrassed her! The act of Xu Cheng slapping away on Wang Laoji was also dismantling the tough appearance she was trying to put on herself, and it made her feel very wronged and embarrassed. She just wanted to tell Xu Cheng that she could live a wonderful and happy life without him. After all, it was every competitive and prideful person’s mentality to want to appear to be their best in front of someone they like.

Shen Yao’s foot began to hurt increasingly as she walked barefoot. She suddenly squatted down and rested her head on her knees, finally not being able to keep up with the tough exterior.

At this time, a Land Rover stopped by the street beside her. Xu Cheng walked up to her, and Shen Yao slowly looked up. Seeing those long legs that belonged to someone that was at least 1.9 meters, she already knew it was Xu Cheng. 

“Are you here to laugh at me?” Shen Yao bitterly smiled ironically. 

Xu Cheng sighed. “You are too sensitive, Shen Yao. Aren’t we friends?”

There was really no need for a reason for a friend to help a friend out, and it could be very natural too. But, Shen Yao was indeed too sensitive. Sometimes, women were just like this, being more prideful and stubborn than men. After her confession failed, she would try to find a better man to provoke you or treat your kindness towards her to be just pity or mockery.

“Friend?” Shen Yao suddenly looked up at Xu Cheng, those puppy-eyes also had fury written over them. “I, Shen Yao, don’t need you as a friend!”

She was just that daring to love or hate. Since the confession failed, she would try to forget everything, and she wouldn’t stoop low enough to squeeze out a smile and pretend to be okay with just being friends.

Xu Cheng looked at her bare feet. He took the initiative to bend down by the step with his back towards her. “Come on, I will carry you,”

“Who are you to me? Why do I need you to carry me?” Shen Yao snorted.

“At least I’m more ‘reliable’ than that boyfriend of yours. Look at him…”

Shen Yao: “Why are you still talking?!”

Xu Cheng: “Fine, I won’t talk anymore. It’s just if you don’t tend to that sprained ankle of yours in time with medical ointment, you won’t be able to go to your shift tomorrow.”

Shen Yao: “Just go away, I don’t care!”

Seeing how stubborn she was and not willing to let him help, Xu Cheng just stood in front of her for a bit longer and sighed. Then, he got into the car and left.

Lowering her head, Shen Yao heard the car driving away. Her tears dropped onto the steps in front of the restaurant.

She gritted her teeth and tried to stand up, but when she straightened her legs again, she felt the sharp pain and suddenly lost her balance. She was about to fall back down.

Just then, a strong and warm chest stopped her fall. With his arm around her waist, he turned Shen Yao’s body around with a spin and smoothly placed her onto his back.

Shen Yao was shocked. When she came back to her senses, she realized that she was already being carried by him on his back. She hammered Xu Cheng’s back and said, “Put me down! Didn’t you already leave?”

Xu Cheng: “The Xu Cheng that pisses you off is gone, right now it’s a selfless model citizen.”

The corner of Shen Yao’s mouth unnaturally lifted into an awkward smile. She struggled verbally but nothing manifested into her actions as she just let Xu Cheng keep on carrying her.

Xu Cheng carried her and crossed two streets and asked, “Where’s your condo?”

Shen Yao: “Third Ring.”

That was at least 10 more kilometers away from here, but Xu Cheng kept on walking.

Shen Yao: “You aren’t getting a cab?”

Xu Cheng: “To show my sincerity, I will personally carry you home.”

Shen Yao: “Can you even do it?”

Xu Cheng: “Of course I can if I said I can. Besides, I’m a selfless model citizen, I can’t lie.”

Shen Yao sighed as she put her hands around Xu Cheng’s neck. “Mr. Selfless model citizen, it would be nice if you didn’t have a girlfriend.”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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