Chapter 497: Just Show Me How You Will Retaliate, I Will Just Respond (Part One)

– Shen Yao’s condo – 

Xu Cheng massaged her ankle and asked, “You were always rebellious against your dad, why are you still listening to him and actually going on the arranged date? Didn’t you never like getting involved in your family business?”

Shen Yao said nonchalantly, “That Young Master Wang is really good with his acting. He has his set of acts in front of my parents, and my dad actually believed his character. Seeing that I’m already not that young and Young Master Wang has a government background and has a bright future ahead of him, he just told me to go and check out the guy and give it a try. The Wang Family felt that we have a lot of money and they have a lot of power, so we can combine forces and it would be a match made in heaven. But, I’ve never liked the guy. However, he came to pick me up right when I got off my shift, and I didn’t want to make it difficult for my dad, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to just go for a meal. But holy crap, this guy just goes off on how powerful and almighty he is- Ahh! Don’t be so rough!” 

Xu Cheng let go of her ankle. “Done, but let it rest for the night and don’t do any exercise.”

He got up and finally went to get a big cup of water and drank it all down. He was seriously exhausted.

“As a stewardess that deals with high heels on a daily basis you actually still sprained your ankle?” Xu Cheng teased.

Shen Yao: “Why are you still talking!”

At this time, her phone rang. 

Seeing the caller ID, it was from her dad.

“Dad?” She picked up the call. 

“Yaoyao, what did you do? What happened on Wang Qi’s end? He took you out for a meal, how did he end up in the hospital? His parents are already on my a$$! What really happened?”

Seeing that it was about Young Master Wang, Shen Yao covered the mic on her phone and hopped onto the balcony before resuming the call.

Making sure that Xu Cheng couldn’t hear it anymore, Shen Yao finally explained in the call, “Dad, that guy’s just a perv! I couldn’t stand him, and he wouldn’t let me leave the restaurant, so some selfless model citizen stepped out and beat him up.”

Shen Wansan directly snorted. “They already told me! They said you also know the guy that beat him up, what selfless model citizen? Are you trying to trick me?” 

Shen Yao: “Dad, you shouldn’t have introduced someone like him to me in the first place.”

Shen Wansan bitterly smiled. “Come on, Yao-Yao, let’s set aside what kind of person he is. It’s reasonable that you come with Dad to at least pay him a visit at the hospital, right?”

Shen Yao: “I sprained my ankle, how can I go? If he acted like a real man for the whole time, then maybe I would. But he’s just a coward, I’m not going.”

Shen Wansan: “Daughter, did you forget what you promised Dad? Last time, you wanted to buy that brat’s condo, you borrowed 500 million from Dad! Dad just wanted you to help build a bridge with someone in Yanjing and you made it even worse… Dad no longer asks you to be involved in the family business, but you shouldn’t pull the business’s leg, right? That guy’s dad is in the city business bureau, isn’t he going to look for trouble with my company every day now after you did this? Where are you? I will come and pick you up. Dad doesn’t need you to do anything else, just come with me to the hospital to apologize, and Dad will take care of everything else.”

“Fine, just come to the condo I’m usually at,” Shen Yao said, defeated.

When she turned around, Xu Cheng was still sitting there and pretended he didn’t hear anything. 

The one that bought his condo was Shen Yao? 

Xu Cheng was a bit surprised. 

But why though?

For an investment?

Just when he was still in a daze, he saw Shen Yao hopping on one leg out on her way out of the door.

Xu Cheng said, “I will drive you.”

“No need, my dad’s picking me up. You don’t get along with him anyways, it’s best if he doesn’t see you.” Shen Yao was afraid that her dad would push all the blame onto Xu Cheng, and she also didn’t want to get Xu Cheng involved in this.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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