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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 497.2

Chapter 497: Just Show Me How You Will Retaliate, I Will Just Respond (Part Two)

Right now, Shen Yao still didn’t know Xu Cheng was already not the Xu Cheng from the past. She thought Xu Cheng was still in the military, and it was best to not offend Young Master Wang.

Xu Cheng took the elevator down with her, and downstairs, Ye Xiu came to pick him up.

“Big Brother Cheng, aren’t you a bit early to come down? Don’t tell me you didn’t do anything?” Ye Xiu looked over at Xu Cheng with a dirty smile.

“Do what?” Xu Cheng wondered. “What could I do?”

Ye Xiu smacked his lips, and there was “don’t act dumb in front of me” written all over his face. “That girl even said, whoever can save her, she will sleep with him.”

“If I would, I would’ve done it a long time ago, why would I wait until today?” Xu Cheng snorted. “I have a wife, yet I would find someone else? This is the difference between me and you.”

Ye Xiu: “What difference?”

Xu Cheng: “Gentleman and beast, you are the latter.”

Ye Xiu: “…”

Xu Cheng saw Shen Yao getting into her dad’s car. Thinking that he was the one that hit Wang Laoji, he thought it was best that he handle it.

“Follow that car.” Xu Cheng took out a cig and lit it. He decided to tie up the loose ends.

Ye Xiu saw the girl getting into that car and then heard Xu Cheng telling him to follow it, he immediately looked oddly at Xu Cheng with a hint of disdain. “You were just calling yourself a gentleman a moment ago, a beast that’s dressed in gentleman’s suit like you are the scariest! Bro, you want to stalk her now? That’s some next level kink you got there.”

Shen Yao followed her dad to the city’s People’s Hospital.

Xu Cheng and Ye Xiu parked their car and followed.

Shen Yao and her dad went to the special care room. Right now, Young Master Wang’s entire head was wrapped in gauze, and his parents were sitting by his bed. Seeing Shen Wansan knock, Young Master Wang’s parents appeared quite hostile.

Especially towards Shen Yao, Young Master Wang’s mom directly scolded, “If you already have some dude out there then just tell us directly, there’s no need to approach our son and take advantage of our family.”

“I…” Shen Yao really wanted to say that it was their son that was the toad wishing to eat swan’s meat. But, seeing her dad looking at her warningly, she decided to not say it.

Young Master Wang’s mom became even nastier with her words. “Mr. Shen, this is the daughter you raised? You don’t know he already has a man out there? Look at how my son got beaten up! I want to hear how you want to take care of this.”

“It’s all our fault, I spoiled my Yao-Yao too much, and I will do anything to make it up for the Wang Family. We both want the best for our families, right?” Shen Wansan said as he gave Shen Yao a look.

Shen Yao said, “I’m sorry.”

“If sorry works, why do we still need the police? Don’t we all just need to say sorry for what wrong deeds we did? I’m going to press charges!” Young Master Wang’s mom pointed at Shen Yao and scolded angrily, “And that guy that hit my son, I won’t let him get away with this too!”

Shen Wansan: “Uh… Director Wang, what do you think of this situation?”

Young Master Wang’s dad Director Wang glanced at Shen Yao from the corner of his eyes, and his eyes lit up when he saw the beauty that was Shen Yao.

“Then I will have to see how Miss Shen handles it.”

At this time, Xu Cheng suddenly walked in and said, “I was the one that beat him up, how do you want to retaliate? Just let me know and I will handle it. It’s really a cowardly move to bully a woman.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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