Chapter 498: The Equipment That Made the Four Old Men Nervous (Part Two)

“It’s Big Brother Cheng’s. He brought it back from the M Nation, all medical instruments that can’t be found in Huaxia. He said something about it being used to make the medicines for the other elders and told me to come and personally watch it get moved into his room safely.”

The four elders immediately stood up, and Elder Ye also stood up and joined in on monitoring the people moving the instruments in. “Hurry, hurry, hurry, careful, careful, careful.”

The supervisor saw the five elders coming to personally supervise them, and he suddenly didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

Elder Ye wasn’t too nervous, but Elder Zhou, Nie, Guo, and Xing couldn’t be more anxious, and they immediately got closer to supervise them in fear that the instruments would bump into something.

Ye Xiu was pretty shocked too seeing the four elders all so nervous about something, there was no treasure in the past that could all get their attention like this. No wonder Big Brother Cheng told him to personally supervise the delivery.

The four elders directly had the servants come and clean up the big room by Xu Cheng’s bedroom, and they also had the electricians come and tune up the voltage settings for that room. From beginning to finish, the four elders were all personally supervising everything. Then, they dismissed everyone, and they also gave the strict order of confidentiality, prohibiting any leak about any detail on this shipment. There was even murderous intent on their face when they gave out those orders, frightening all the guards and customs staff.

It was especially terrifying for the people at the customs. Thank god they didn’t rush to open the package or do anything with it, or they would’ve been done for!

Elder Ye was drinking tea in the courtyard as he snorted, “Humph, I didn’t even see these guys so nervous when I was dying.”

“Grandpa, what are those machines?”

“It’s probably the tools Little Cheng needs to make that medicine. Go and keep an eye on them, and give Little Cheng a call, tell him to come back soon.”

Ye Xiu walked over as he said, “He said he would be back in an hour.”

In the hospital, Xu Cheng picked up the call from Ye Xiu, and it made Director Wang think that he was calling in his boys. Immediately, he became furious as he shouted, “Young man, are you still planning to call in those thug friends of yours to cause a scene at the hospital? Let me tell you, I dare you to try anything again. I can get you into jail in a matter of minutes, and make the rest of your life a tragedy!”

“Uncle Wang, this really has nothing to do with him!” Shen Yao became anxious, “I will take responsibility for everything that happened!”

“Miss Shen, there’s no longer any business for you here. Mr. Shen, you can take your daughter and leave now. If you still want to protect this guy from the crimes he committed, you will regret it. Let’s not make it difficult for everyone,” Director Wang said, “You have to understand me. The one that got beat up is my son!”

Shen Wansan glared at Xu Cheng, and then he dragged Shen Yao out of the ward.

“Dad, how could you be like this? Xu Cheng did it for me!” In the corridor, Shen Yao swung away Shen Wansan’s hand and scolded.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“If I don’t do this, are you planning to get yourself more trouble? Or do you want to destroy the family business? In the past, I already said that this brat is not reliable. Now, he provoked such a big character, how do you expect me to save him? You are a girl, you can’t shoulder this kind of thing! Don’t be stubborn, go back with me,” Shen Wansan scolded his daughter and then dragged her out with his bodyguard and left the hospital. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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