Chapter 499: The Fury of the Gang of Old Men (Part One)

When Xu Cheng saw that Shen Yao and her dad had left, he became relaxed as he looked up from his watch. Then, he said to Director Wang, “I will just treat this as a misunderstanding, but I hope there’s no next time. I have my reason to beat someone up. As for why your son got beaten up, you guys can ask him. If there’s anything, you can wait until your son wakes up and ask him if he wants to escalate this thing. I will deal with whatever comes my way.”

Then, he turned around and left the ward.

Wang Laoji’s mom was trembling in fear. “How can this kind of person exist? Old Wang, what are you doing as the Director Wang? Someone is taking a dump on your face and you are still tolerating it? Look at our son!”

Director Wang also lost his calm under his wife’s instigation. X  u Cheng’s attitude was indeed very infuriating!

He picked up his phone and directly called his connections, and they immediately dispatched 3 officers that were patrolling in that area to arrest Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng was about to call a cab to go back to Ye Manor, when he was stopped by the side of the street by the officers.

They looked at him and asked, “Xu Cheng?”

Xu Cheng subconsciously nodded.

“Come with us, you are now under arrest. Don’t resist, otherwise, we have the right to take necessary actions for your arrest.”

Xu Cheng faintly asked, “What crime did I commit?”

“You have been accused of committing multiple crimes, including physical assault. Now, you have to come back with us for an investigation. I suggest you don’t resist, we know you can fight really well,” the officer said to him.

Xu Cheng smiled. He let them put the cuffs on him and went into the police cruiser.

Damn, such efficiency, he had just walked out of the hospital and didn’t even get to call a cab yet.

Yanjing’s security protocols were indeed very established.

He was driven back to the local police department. After getting escorted into a cell, Xu Cheng asked, “Can I make a call?”

“Can you make a call?” the officer smiled mockingly. “Your question is a bit absurd, you know that? Your crimes had already been established without the need for an investigation; you are not a suspect but a criminal now, do you know that? You think you are allowed to make a call?”

“Convicted already? There’s no need to follow the protocol or something?”

“No need. You should at least know the person you offended. Let me tell you, when we get the medical report from Young Master Wang, we will determine how many years your sentence will be. You can expect at least 2 or 3 years.” After the officer said that, he lit a cig, looked at the time, and waved at his colleagues and said, “Shift-change time, let’s go out for dinner together.”

– Ye Manor – 

Auntie Lan especially made a hearty meal with Ye Pei’s wife because the other four elders were all staying behind to join them. So, they set up a big table in the courtyard.

But, when the five old men sat down and realized that they were missing one little [email protected], Elder Ye frowned and said, “Where’s that brat Xu Cheng? Little Xiu, it’s already dinner time, where’s your Big Brother Cheng? He’s still not back yet? Hurry up and give him a call, his other four grandpas are here too. Is he going to keep all of us waiting?”

The other four elders all blushed. They were indeed quite anxiously waiting for Xu Cheng’s return. Those instruments had arrived for a long time already, and those things can’t work themselves.

Ye Xiu gave Xu Cheng a call, but his phone was off.

Ye Xiu remembered what Xu Cheng said before, so he dialed Zhou Xiaoming and asked for Wang Laoji’s number.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, he gave Wang Laoji a call. On that end, Wang Laoji’s phone was picked up by his parents.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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