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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 499.2

Chapter 499: The Fury of the Gang of Old Men (Part Two)

“Wang Laoji, do you know where Xu Cheng is?”

“Xu Cheng? Who is that guy to you? Let me tell you, I already had him arrested.”

“What? You arrested him? Wang Laoji, does your dad know how big your balls are?” Ye Xiu was a bit shocked.

Elder Ye directly grabbed the phone and said, “Hello?”

On that end, Director Wang began scolding, “I’m his dad, why can’t I have Xu Cheng arrested? Do you know who I am? You are Xu Cheng’s parent, right? Let me tell you, he beat up my son, it will be useless even if he apologizes. I will have him stay in the prison until he dies! Trying to play with me? Let’s see who facks who! If you want to see your son, you can go and visit him in prison!”

Then, he furiously hung up.

Elder Ye was dumbfounded. Soon, the dazed expression on his face became fury.

Then, with a loud bang, he slammed his palm on the table, shattering all the bowls and plates!

“Little Xiu! Who was that on the phone!” Elder Ye was fuming when he asked Ye Xiu.

“Wang Ji’s dad.” (TL Note: Wang Ji is Wang Laoji’s real name)

Elder Ye: “Who is Wang Ji?”

Ye Xiu: “His dad is the director at our city’s business bureau.”

“Piece of ——!” Elder Ye couldn’t be angrier. “I wasn’t even treated like this by the general back when I was just a soldier! You do see wonders the longer you live! What the fack is going on?”
Ye Xiu said in confusion as well, “This morning, we went out to eat with Zhou Xiaoming and the others. Big Brother Cheng saw someone he knew but that person was getting harrassed by Wang Ji, so he beat Wang Ji up. I thought Wang Ji would at least consider that I am Xu Cheng’s friend and not make a big deal out of this. Is his dad stupid?”

“Not make a big deal, yet Little Cheng’s in prison? Why else wasn’t he picking up the call?” Elder Ye furiously shouted. 

“What? Little Cheng was arrested?” The other four elders’ faces immediately changed. They were all here, waiting for Xu Cheng to come back and make the medicine, yet this guy was already arrested?

“Why didn’t you take care of it!” Elder Ye glared at Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu said guiltily, “I really don’t know what Wang Ji’s dad was thinking… We even warned Wang Ji already.

But Wang Ji couldn’t be blamed when he was still asleep under anesthesia at the hospital. If he knew that the sky had changed when he woke up, he probably wouldn’t want to wake up from this nap anymore.

Elder Zhou immediately pulled out his phone and called his second son.

Zhou Zheng was off work and having dinner with his other colleagues. Seeing it was the old man calling, he immediately gestured “shhh” to the guys around him.

Then, he picked up the call. “Hello, Father.”

When his subordinates heard him say ‘dad’, they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly and all stopped chewing. 

“What are you doing?” Elder Zhou suppressed his anger and spoke.

“I just got off of work, I’m eating with my colleagues and discussing some recent work issues.” Zhou Zheng tried to show his dedication towards his work even when he was off work.

“You are still in the mood to eat?” Elder Zhou growled. “Under your eyelids, Xu Cheng got arrested! What the fack are you doing in the director position of the police system?” 

Zhou Zheng was immediately frightened by the roar. 

He obviously knew Xu Cheng. Recently, the higher-ups had all been talking about this guy, especially those of the four elders’ families, they were still hoping that Xu Cheng could help prolong their old men’s life. But, he’s in jail?

Zhou Zheng was dumbfounded.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Let me tell you, hurry up and get my grandson out! We are all here waiting for him to come back for dinner still!” Elder Zhou shouted and directly hung up.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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