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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Revenge

– Evening –

Xu Cheng wasn’t on motorcycle patrol tonight but was instead driving a cruiser. It was probably because the instructor was worried that he would get ambushed.

However, just about half an hour into his shift, he heard a colleague cry out on the radio, “Old Wang got beat up.”


“At North Gate’s territory.”

Xu Cheng immediately turned around and sped towards the area.

After coming to the scene, he saw a couple of patrol motorcycles had already parked on the side of the road, and three of his colleagues were helping another one up.

“Get him to the hospital first, hurry!” Xu Cheng took him into the car, and then they drove to the nearest hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Old Wang had his entire head and body wrapped up.

The doctor then said to Xu Cheng and the others, “There are many fractures all over his body, and due to the injury on his spine, he might need to stay in the hospital for a bit so we can keep a watch on it. The injuries are pretty serious.”

Xu Cheng frowned, and he asked the other colleague that was patrolling with Old Wang, “What happened?”

That colleague was also quite dumbfounded by this turn of events. “I don’t know, we just saw two women arguing in an alley, and Old Wang went over to help diffuse the situation. But who knew that a couple of guys would just run out from the alley and claim that Old Wang was harassing their girlfriend. Then, they beat him up without a second word. I called in other colleagues around the area and they only left after our backup arrived…”

“They really don’t respect the law!” Xu Cheng gritted his teeth.

At this moment, another colleague seemed to be hesitating about whether he should voice his opinion. “Brother Cheng, I think this might have something to do with you…”

Xu Cheng looked at him, a bit confused.

“Old Wang was driving the motorcycle you were driving for the past few days…” That colleague decided to just say it. “But maybe I’m overthinking this.”

He wasn’t. They probably were coming after Xu Cheng.

“Those bastards.”

Xu Cheng angrily pushed open the ward and went in to ask Old Wang, “Did you get a look at the people that beat you up?”

Old Wang resembled a mummy right now. He lifted his head and said to Xu Cheng, “Brother Cheng, just let this go. Whether it was directed at you or not, it already happened, and I will just take it. If they don’t come and look for trouble with you later on, then let’s just let this go.”

In fact, Old Wang knew how to be careful and to not offend anyone, so there must have been a reason that he was beaten. It was also because he heard those guys say before they left, “Remember this lesson and don’t offend people that you can’t afford to offend.”

With Old Wang’s low-key temper, he knew that these guys must have gotten the wrong guy because he rarely offended people.

Xu Cheng didn’t speak, but the temper he had as a soldier obviously meant that he wouldn’t let this go easily.

“Are these people from North Gate?” Xu Cheng asked.

Old Wang didn’t say anything. Looking at Xu Cheng and seeing the determined expression on his face, he silently nodded. “If the four gates could die, they would’ve died a long time ago. You don’t have much power, so you won’t be able to play with them.”

“That doesn’t mean we can just let them crap on our head like this.” Xu Cheng snorted, “Just wait, I won’t let this go easily.”

Then, he walked out and found the doctor was waiting outside for them to pay for the medical expenses.

“Which one of you guys is paying?”

“I got it.” Xu Cheng took out his wallet and paid for the bill. After all, this happened because of him, and the injury was already bad enough for Old Wang. He would be devastated if he had to pay the expensive fees with that little salary of his.

After Xu Cheng got into the car, he immediately called Ran Jing, “Do you know where the lair of North Gate is?”

Ran Jing was a bit surprised that Xu Cheng would ask this. Scared that he was going to do something reckless, she asked, “What are you planning to do?”

“Nothing, you just need to tell me where it is,” Xu Cheng replied.

Ran Jing heard that his tone was a bit cold, so she hesitated for a second and said, “The area developed by North Gate is filled with nightclubs. Amongst the four gates, only they are still relying on what they were doing before and are struggling to stay relevant.”

“Okay, thanks,” Xu Cheng said as he was about to hang up, but Ran Jing immediately added, “It’s past 11, don’t go there.”

Xu Cheng: “Why?”

Ran Jing replied, “Have you heard of the Old Streets District? Within North Gate’s turf, there are a bunch of streets that managed to preserve their retro-style from the past. In that area, the folks are quite thug-like, and North Gate had taken root from there. Although things have gotten a lot better now, that area remains to be one of the most chaotic places in Shangcheng. Normally, police avoid going into that area, and even the government turns a blind eye there because most of the residents living there are all locals that had been there for generations.”

Xu Cheng was a bit speechless. “I’m a local too, do I look too noble in comparison to them? It’s fine, I got it, I’m just going there to ask something.”

Then, Xu Cheng hung up the phone and drove towards the red light nightclub area of North Gate’s Old Streets District.

The so-called Old Streets District was basically an area full of households that refused to move or accept the government’s construction and renovation policies. There were just way so many problematic teenagers that it could make any real estate developer’s head hurt. Many real estate developers had tried to take over the development rights of this place, but the people from North Gate just bit at whoever came near, causing all the developers to back out immediately.

Many people in the area were a part of North Gate. Because North Gate was doing the worst out of all four gangs, they also tried to get into real estate, but the government had already helped raise South Gate, so why would they try to help out another gang? However, the government couldn’t do anything to them as well, because the moment they touched them, it would immediately involve the interests of the other three Gates, and that was why the government was also having a huge headache. In the end, this area became more like a place of exile.

When Xu Cheng’s police cruiser entered the Old Streets District, many thugs shot glances at him filled with ill intentions.

He rolled down the window and asked a thug that was standing by the street who was probably on the lookout, “Can you tell whoever beat up a cop from a police station on the north side to come out for a second?”

The thug just ignored him and kept on smoking. After taking a few puffs, he impatiently said, “Go away, don’t park your car over here. This is the nightclub’s property, and our guests won’t be able to fully enjoy themselves with your presence. Go, get out of the Old Streets District.”

“Answer my question.” Xu Cheng’s face darkened.

“Hey, do you have a problem or something? Can you not understand human language?” the thug threw away the cigarette butt, stood up, and said as he shoved his hands into his trousers.

Xu Cheng directly opened the door and slammed him to the ground. After getting out, he grabbed the guy by the collar and shouted, “Who’s the representative of North Gate? Tell him to get out!”

Right after his voice faded, Xu Cheng noticed a bunch of thugs coming over one after another, surrounding him and his cruiser.

“Let him go.” A guy with ear studs came over and ordered Xu Cheng, “If you have something to say, just say it to me.”

“One hour ago, who beat up an officer from the police station on the north side?”

The man with ear studs paused for a second, and then he laid out his hands and said like a rascal, “Since you don’t know who it was, why are you here? If you are just coming down here putting random accusations on us without evidence, Mr. Officer, let me tell you, this isn’t a place you can just come and go as you wish.”

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